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OK, I am 41 and thinking of retraining. I have worked for BT for 20 years and have a HNC in electrical/electronic engineering. I am looking at doing a 2 year C&G 2330 evening college course.

When I joined BT I thought it was a job for life but now sick of the management attitude, outsourcing of the work overseas and the way the firm is heading.

Realistically, have I left it too late?
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Not at all.

Go for it.


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No get it done.
It's never to late, but at 41 you'll have a job getting on a firm as they usually like young'uns. So I'd be setting up on my own.


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Go for it - best thing I ever did!


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I am looking to become self employed doing mainly residential work.

I've had 20 years of working in offices and peoples houses running cables, although telephone/data cables are completely different from electrical cables, there are some similarities. I do know a few electricians who have said they will help me out with some work to start with until I build up my own customer base and reputation.

Hopefully there will be another voluntary redundancy scheme next year which I will apply. I was looking into the short courses but the general impression I get from reading these forums is that it is better to do the C&G 2330 L2 and L3. The only problem is that will take 3 years part time and with a mortgage etc I need to be earning some proper money asap so I will also look at the shorter courses, like the route davetheglitz went down.

I do know that this will not be easy and am prepared for the hard work required to become a good sparky. I am lucky in the respect that I already have a load of tools, cordless drills and a van so the start up costs will be a bit cheaper.

I live in Essex so, once I have finished installing my bathroom and finished decorating the rest of my house, I am willing to offer my services for free as an electricians mate so if anybody is in the area and wants a hand please let me know.

Thanks again for all the advice and encouragement,



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Best of luck GT.

I too work for BT (22yrs as of 4th July), and know exactly where you are coming from. Could have got mi' lad on as an apprentice but steered him towards being a Sparky as this was my work before joining BT.

Should be time-served by Xmas this year, just a few more exams to go and that damned portfolio to fill in (you'll know what I mean if you ever do the 2330 L3 course) :)

Takes some bottle mate, but if you think the time's right then you already know what to do. The very best of luck again.

PS .......... if you've got a HNC in electrical/electronic engineering, you'll breeze the exams. I got myself an ONC in the very same a few years back and the Q's were far more in depth.

Its the 'hands-on',safety,correct methods etc etc that will be your learning curve, but with your background, it wont be a steep curve.
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