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Doing a rather large rewire at the moment that is costing me a fortune in materials/ Labour/fuel etc , cant help but think i should ask for some payment upfront before starting a job, How many people on here do this?


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I do 1 third on 'order' 1 third after 1st fix and final third on completion.

In the current climate even the large blue chip companies are going under, I cannot afford to take a hit.

The other thing was I rewired an old bids bungalow and she died. (Not of electric shock before anyone (DS) starts)

Thankfully I had received 2 thirds of my money and walked away with literally a couple of quid profit.


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Yep, anything over a grand and I require 30% deposit up front (which generally speaking will cover materials).


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Any job over £500.

Materials before start.
60% Labour on 1st fix
40% Labour on 2nd Fix

Regards, Dave


When running my photographic business I took a deposit to cover materials, processing and a small proffit. I’ve never done domestic electrical, always been on a salary in the industrial field.
I will say I never had a problem with any customer.


I always ask for a 30% deposit and have not yet had anyone query it although I always mention in conversation WHY I do this. It's purely to cover the cost of materials and ensures that I do not have to use my own money as I have a family.

In all honesty anyone that questions it isn't worth working for because if they're questioning thirty percent then what are they going to be like when it comes to collecting the remaining seventy percent?


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