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Did anyone else waste good money on the farce that was the Hatton v Pacqiao fight??

Hatton had nothing to offer, he was down twice in the first. Pac-man was pretty awesome, on this kind of display he'll have no bother with the winner of the Mayweather fight.

Time for Ricky to hang up those gloves methinks.
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i read the report this morning it made sorry reading
boxing aint what it was
eubank v benn / collins v eubank (when collins used a hypnotist)
even prince naz was good fun to watch


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Just came in from work haven’t seen the fight or what was of it
But poor , liked Hatton
Think should retire and take Barry mcgwigans job while he still has his mind in getting drunk on Guinness rather than punch drunk


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Hi mate.

Pac-man was pretty awesome but then again I feel Hatton made him look better than he was because he was so poor. You cant really judge a guy on 6mins of boxing. I agree though Hatton should give up now he just cant get past the big names, Mayweather, Pacqiuao etc.


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He has to give up now.I used to follow Barry McGuigan until he lost that fight in Nevada,i blamed the heat,if he had have fought over here or in Belfast he would have won that fight.Think i might be the time for Hatton to retire,and hang up his gloves and start commentating:mad:


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Really gutted for Hatton but it was all his own doing. He looked like a drunk on a friday night trying to scrap a doorman! Swinging all over the place looking for the glory shot. Never gonna happen. He didnt even try to box manny. Shame coz hes a good lad, but when its come to the superstar fights, hes struggled. No1 left for him to fight now so may as well retire.


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every dog has its day hatton being the dog he has had his day.time to call it a day before he gets cabbaged


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I lost my bet at the bookies. I had Manny to win in the 7th but then I also stayed up round my mates - well - we boozed from 5pm up the puis b in Bromley then went Beckenham during the night and continued at his place till the fight.
I won my bookie money back with the sweepstake we had in which I pulled out either to win in R2. You should of seen one of our mates faces who had R1 when Hattan first went down he fell off the chair...Then when he dropped again he almost wet himself thinkng of the money he was going to pick up!!!

Mu opinion? Hattan isnt the best, doesnt take it as serious as the others [look at all the boozing] and shouldnt even contemplate coaching yet alone commentating!
Manny and Mayweather....Hmmmmmmm.......Manny in the 6th, 7th or 8th or expect Mayweather to take it to the distance and drop Manny in the 11th or win on points.



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true,although manny has been in with alot better fighters then hatton has,barrere in his hay day,marquez and dela hoya.hatton hasnt really fought any1 special up until mayweather and pacman..a waste off 15 quid i would say.cant wait to see mayweather and manny fight though,i think mayweather has tried so hard to avoid this fight but he cant really avoid it anymore,i see manny taking him to the cleaners,i agree with freddy roach,no1 will beat pacuiao again,would like to see calzaghe comming back to fight froch to,calzaghe would make a boy out of him,he was very lucky to beat jermain taylor..

1billy wiz

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hatton was well in decline imo,plus manny being to good never helped.hatton has taken off upto 40 stone in his ten year career.hopefully he never fights again.
calzaghe brags but defended his title to journeymen,& waited till the elite were in there rocking chairs till he faced them @ over 40,he's v.good but not even the greatest welshman as you had howard winstone a world champ when there could only be 1,if the wbo title been about in colin jones's day he'd of been better inall.
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