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Almost bankrupt Bradford Bulls are facing being kicked out of the Super League and the club dissolved as a business!

Now I'm a die hard Leeds Rhinos fan and I've been to every final that we have played since 1999, most of them games we lost to the Bulls. Massive derby match every time we play each other, there's a game this Friday at Headingley (leeds) and we have decided to not take a single penny from the sale of away supporters coming to our ground. All the away ticket sales will be donated to Bradford Bulls, an estimated £50k!

Leeds Rhinos : News : Leeds Rhinos and Bradford Bulls Joint Statement

Hopefully this will help keep them in business until a new buyer is found. All I can say is, does this happen in football? Rugby Union? Formula one? Or any other sport? This just shows what true rugby fans like myself are made of and the teams that we support.

Well done Leeds for helping out our local enemy (joke) and good luck in the Challenge Cup final at Wembley next month against Warrington (game still in progress but the Wolves will win this semi). It's about time we won the Challenge Cup (FA cup equivalent) its been too long.
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Very true Ian, who would have thought that two giants (in their own game) would fall from such a height.


It's all about to hit the fan in Scotland.rangers were in administration and then put into liquidation by Hmrc over unpaid vat paye and in over 9 months.the spl clubs voted against the newco being admitted to the spl
then the sfa /spl tried to blackmail the rest of the clubs in the 1st ,2nd and 3rd divisions to bounce them into the first division due to the sky tv deals etc.a resounding no way and now it looks like newco start in the 3rd division.the amount of media spin and skulduggery going on is unreal at the moment.
every dirty trick in the book is being used to keep a relative status quo cos the rest of the spl teams are supposedly cracking themselves over a lost sky deal.
There was scottishfootball long before sky rode inonthe white charger boys and the old firm monopolised most of the cash anyway.
spectacularly bad financial management aside.the real fly in the ointment is the ebt offshore tax case in which rangers are the test case for Hmrc.
this basically involved paying player wages into a trust fund offshore to avoid tax.borderline illegal evasion.
this could amount to 100 million.
i bet there are more than a few epl sides sweating on the outcome of that one.
its basically the same as Chelsea being found of massive dodgy practices and being bounced to the conference.
As a follower of a Scottish diddy team that is never gonna win nothing it really boils my blood to think that newco rangers think they are hard done by everyone up here
i think the football bubble is really gonna burst in spectacular fashion soon cos ther is a lot of mediocre players trousering 50 k a week out there that clubs just can't afford any more.
A good blog is rangerstaxcase for background info read it and I bet your jaw will drop!
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