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as I've been building up my tool kit over the last year I'm now looking into getting a drill for chasing. From what I've read on other posts that cordless isn't the way to go for this sort of work and have spotted the following offer and was looking for advice/other suggestions.

Bosch GBH 4 DFE 4Kg SDS Plus Hammer Multidrill 240v - MULTIDRILL - 0611236766 - Bosch Electric Drills




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i use a 36v bosch for general use, but it soon runs out when chasing, so buy a good 110v hammer drill, with forward & reverse and chuck stop for chiselling.or get a big hammer and bolster chisel


if you mean chasing walls out then id get a wall chaser machine, you get a clean cut that dont f&ck up the existing plaster/render etc and you just break the chase out with a bolster or brick hammer.

if your on about chopping out boxes then id get a 36v cordless with high capacity batteries

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