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So which is best ? I'm old school and have used sidecutters for years but they're getting past it and I want to replace but what with. Should I go with cable shears such as the CK T3963 or the CK Combicutter3 sidecutters which have 1.5 and 2.5 'notches' in the blades.
Who's using what and why ?.

Regards, Lofty.
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i use sidecutters for the most part...but shears are handy for cutting larger cables...and hedges


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Side cutters but also have the shears for those meter tails.
When I (or the trainee the forgetful plum) loose the current side cutters I'm gonna try the CK combicutters.


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i use those nws side cutters from screwfix and i find they are loads better than knipex.
I use the screwfix ones, which are i think £3, let me go n have alook, there wicked as well, hmm, they don't seem to have them any more. only basic little things, but there great


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I've used the CK Combicutters for a couple of months, and I have to say that I'm not very impressed, considering they are manufactured by CK.
The notches for stripping 1.5 and 2.5mm cable work very well and prevent any nick in the conductor. The problem, however, is that the edge fails very quickly, especially on the conventional side cutting part. I sent mine back and exchanged them for the equivalent NWS version.
I have to say that so far, they seem to be a lot better than CK. The quality also looks far superior. They are more expensive than CK (although CK were not cheap).
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I use Knipex sidecutters for cutting, also have a pair of NWS 160mm from screwfix, have had Bahco and CK can't say there's much difference between top price branded pairs.

For cable stripping I used my teeth until they fell out, now use automatic strippers, not sure of the make last firm paid for them.



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Thanks fro the feedback. Was looking at the CK ones but have heard more bad things about them than good both on the forum and at work. Will have a look at the NWS ones.

Regards, Lofty.
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