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Hi, I'm looking into training as an electrician from pretty much ground level, since you can't do much more than change a lightbulb these days without the right certification. :p Unfortunately, my work requirements mean that I can't really attend college evening classes, so I'm looking at either home learning in my own time or concentrated on-site training at specialist centres in my area (Coventry / Warwickshire / Birmingham / Leicester / Milton Keynes kind of area is about as far as I can travel). I'd like a decent level of all-round knowledge, but would prefer to concentrate on domestic installation and maintainance if I have to specialise on one area.

The Skills Centre offer a package where you do three blocks of 60-80 hours of home reading, with a week long on-site practical at the end of each block. During the hour-long interview thing with the representative, he said it was £5250 and covered the following modules:

Essential Electrics (CITB Certified)
Part P (BPEC Defined Spec)
17th Edition IEE Wiring (2391 and 2382 combined, apparently)
Electrical Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)
CSCS Site Safety Cards

An additional section costs an extra £1700 and another 60-80 hrs reading followed by another week-long practical, and covers:

BPEC Certified Domestic Installer
Appointed Persons First Aid (HSE)

I can't say I've seen the Essential Electrics course mentioned as a must-have by anyone, so how important is is and what other options could give me the same level of understanding/training? Also, how difficult / necessary are the safety cards and first aid courses to acquire elsewhere? I know it's expensive as hell, and I could afford it as an investment, but I'm not going to spend that much if I can get the same quality of instruction elsewhere for less.

One possible alternative for me is MGS Electrical Training in Coventry, as it's within easy travelling distance for me. They offers the following, which covers all the modules listed in the 'Becoming an Electrician' sticky apart from the 2330 (NVQ) and the EAL Q, and the rep I spoke to said they'll have enough training to qualify for doing the Part P. For £2200 and 12 days on-site, you get:

Basic Electrical Principles Including City & Guilds 2382-10 Wiring Regulations
City & Guilds 2391-10 Testing, Inspection & Certification
City & Guilds 2392-10 Fundermental Testing, Inspection & Initial Varification
City & Guilds 2377-200 Certificate in Portable Appliance Testing

Now obviously that's less than half the price, and I'd have the advantage of learning from an actual instructor instead of just reading material at home. I'd have to pay for additional things elsewhere like the Part-P certification and the 17th Ed books, but the actual qualifications seem to cover the core of what I'd need. It just seems a little too good to be true - 3 less days on site from the SC's five-item course, and without the mass amounts of reading to do, I'm concerned they might be cutting a lot of corners on things I'll need to know.

I know you guys see questions like this all the time, but any possible advice, please? I'm definitely not going straight into self-employment no matter what course I end up doing, I intend to work my way up through assistant work and various minor jobs to get the experience I'll need.
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ChrisD - Have you considered travelling slightly further afield? There are a number of training establishments offering packages which really all amount to about the same - enough to get you Part P registered. If this is your aim, it can be done for a lot less money so please be careful. Have a look at Able Skills, i think you might be pleasantly surprised and if you want more than just Part P and Domestic training, we can offer that to you :eek:
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