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had a visit from the sky installers, have just finished wiring a 4 bed detatched million pound house, against my advice the owner got sky in, they promptly arrived LATE and where i had left two shotgun cabes for him to install the dish he took one look at it and said, nah cant do it there there is a tree in the way it will have to be on the other side of the house, fair enough except there is an unbroken line of very large trees, when i pointed this out to him he said whos the expert here,
his mate then proceeded to explain to me that i weas not a problem as he was going to install the cable across the roof from out of the velux in the loft room, i interjected and advised him that the client did not want any cables visible on the outside of the house, he then told me that the cables going across the roof would not be seen, i did want to look into the back of his van for the invisible cable but knew that i would not be able to see it!
luckily i was prepared for this as i have met this kind of non evolved type before, so i goes up into the loft space to feed the 'proper' cables that i have convinced him to feed up through the eaves vent hole through to my carefully concealed box, on coming back down the 'engineers' had gone, installation complete.

great, sky dish on my aerial pole dish is pointing directly at the pitch of the roof in the general direction of where it should be and the digital aerial is 45 degrees away from where it was when i had it installed(as my insurance prohibits me from putting up such dangerous items)

is there a way to get the terms expert and engineer defined legally.
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Only Sky calls them engineers to make them sound like professionals, they wouldn't get much trade if they called them untrained chimps...
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nah i have got it engineer is
engine - van supplied
er - man supplied scratching his head cos he has not got any idea

the cleverest sky installer i met was in the park farm area of ashford in kent
he had a tennis ball attached to a peice of string - so he could safely throw the cables over the roofs of the houses - classic


Sky are coming round to sort me out on sunday, luckily I've done all the wiring already, how I want it done.:icon7:


i spent 7 years as a contractor to sky,i worked with a former business partner of Sky's, i had 3 engineers and covered over 8000 calls a year for them, you either had a AVC contractor or Sky SHS team, id bet it was AVC Sky new sole contract partner, i was a aerial installer before i contracted to them however for year is was an industry that seems to attract the worsted kind of people, don't get me wrong there were some great and very technical guys however the majority were just ladder monkeys, in the end i quit in jan 2011 due to Sky giving the whole uk contract to AVC who are the worst company that i have ever delt with, AVC get there engineers to do 10 to 14 calls a day, sky are very stringent on H&S, no lofts,ladder safety ect, however there is no way it can be done on 10 call a day so AVC force you to skip most of it, they warn you when there are going to be H&S audits and normally you would only have 6 calls that day, funny that. most guys don't get in till 7pm and they have a habit of not paying you for work due to a number of excuses, even the AVC employed engineers are on pice rate and get paid per job, regularly hold back money for alleged damage claims that dont exist,personal use on the van thats not been used.

TBH i feel for most of the boys as they have no choice to be there, i was lucky and was able to quit and walk away.

I allways reccoment getting a good local installer rather than sky on big projects, sky will just screw you with there i cant do that


I came across an avc instller a few weeks back when working in his house, i commented about the van outside and why he might not have been able to attempt the job in question himself

He replyed that he was merely a student studying law and clicked a job with avc to get some beans in, these "engineers" are the upmost unskilled

He also tells me a standard 1 box 1 dish install the price is £7 per job!!!

And this is why they throw it in and dont give a ****


Was watching a sky installer fitting a dish at the new neighbours over the road, looked like he was ready to scale mount everest with the kit he had on!


When I got my dish in he wanted to clip the cable all over the external facia but I sorry I want it on top of the garage and then the cable run under the floor well I got O I am not allowed by H&S rules not to go on a flat roof or under a floor so I said I know but the garage roof is solid and I will run the cable for you job done.

When they came back years later to put multiroom ion for my son all they had to do was put the box in the guy thought it a bit strange that I had put the cable in run it inside a cupboard over the attic all told 1 metre visable in the house and 300mm outside I told him that I was not going to let him clip 20 metres around the outside of my house
My next door neighbour had sky installed a few months ago. Cable thrown over the ridge to get to the back bedroom! I pointed it out as he hadn't realised so he got them back, now the cable is neatly clipped round the walls between 1st & 2nd floors.

Reminds me of BT fitting a new line/master socket to my previous house, the "engineer" had an SDS drill with 3 nearly flat batteries, the drill bit got so hot due to being blunt when he put it down it burnt a hole in the carpet!


Well, my sky chap came today and he was 1st class.

Neat, tidy, clean & efficient. Top job.


I know one set of sky installers,didn't look properly outside the flat before drilling, they hit the CONSAC cable feeding one of the other flats in the cavity wall. Claimed there was no connection between their drilling and the lights going out....


when i first got sky fit my work mate told me to be in when they came,
when sky " engineer " arrived i asked how he would run cable,
i'll clip it down outside wall then around porch then drill wall and clip on your skirting board
my reply was like hell you will theres a 4ft void under the floor with easy access,
can't go under floor blah blah ,
ended up running cable for the "engineer" few years later had sky + fit this time he was gonna run the cable in my bay window gutter then down wall once again i ran the cable for the "engineer"

my favourite is when i see sky engineers wearing the blue boot covers then walk outside to go to the van then walk back in the house!lol

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