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Solar Guru
Hi all,

Just curious as to your feedback if possible, any thoughts on this roof hook in terms of suitability for slate roof fixings? We're considering adding this to our stocks.

Slate Tile Roof Hook 07.JPG
304 Stainless Steel
5mm thick
30mm wide
200mm long section
120mm short section




Electrician's Arms
Not suitable for our slate roofs in the North - we use the hooks for plain tiles, that's all we can get to fit :)


Solar Guru
Many thanks SRE. Not suitable because of the thickness of the steel? What would be your ideal solution, or are you using a particular bracket at the moment for slate fixings, or drilling through perhaps?

This is an area that I have no prior experience in and the only reason this product caught my eye was that it was supposedly intended for slate tile fixings, which I gather from previous threads on there as being a bit of a tricky one...


The problem that I see with this is that they would need to be so long as to clear the slate to fix to the rafter, that they may flex in the wind and then break the slate above.
Lead it is then....
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