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Hi , I want to install a smart switch 2 gang 2 way switch in kitchen to replace the one already there which operates the lights and under cupboard lights. What wires would go into what connections on the smart switch.




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That switch will only function if you have a neutral present. You also need to reconfigure the existing two way switch connections as one switch will no longer be required. I am afraid you will need an electrician to see if this is possible.


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As above.
And looking at the photo of the old switch, the black cable there is NOT a neutral. There isn’t one unless it’s tucked in a connector in the back of the box.
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Thanks for your advice guys, money down the drain I guess cos am not gonna pay for electrician to sort or put a neutral wire in just for a voice activated light switch 👍🏼


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Have a shop around. There are smart switches that don't require a neutral, but its hit and miss if they work with every type of lamp.
Lightwaverf is one I know of...

Or go down the smart lamp route, such as Philips Hue


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if you're not going to be using 2 way switching, it maybe a simple job to re-purpose the 3 core/e cable to provide a N at the switch position without additional wiring.

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