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D Skelton

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I'm looking for a new pair of Snickers work trousers. This afternoon I went into my local work clothes shop and saw a pair of the new Snickers XTR Craftsman work trousers and was blown away! They feel amazing, they look amazing and they seem tough as hell! They're perfect except for one thing, the price! £114 + £13 for the knee pads and a tenner for a nice new belt, essentially £140 all in!

It's a lot of dollar but my question is are they worth it? Should I splash the cash? :D

Snickers XTR.jpg


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you can buy 4 pairs of dewalt for that and they come with a benny hat as well.


They look like the floor layer ones , city's sell em for about 70ish


£114 for a pair of trous, no chance!!

£40 is too much IMO but I'll pay that much, no more.


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I'm using dickies GDT210 trousers (In khaki because I'm ahead of the fashion trend you see) and I'd easily recommend them. They're made of tough stuff and the knee patches are very hard wearing (had them for about 4 months and the material hasn't even faded). The knee pads are worth every penny too

Snickers are waaaay over priced in my opinion


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get some nuts,or there will be pain fool grrrrrrrrrrrrr,lol,how much for work strides id want them to walk me upstairs for that,i use scruffs £35,i did see the same pair in jewsons or similar place the other day for £27 inc vat,and a nice tote toolbag with flip lid,but couldnt treat myself.


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Just had a look at picture and they look identical to scruffs with the flappy pockets and knee pad pockets,and they are tough aswell


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I got a pair of Scruffs and the zip has broken after a few months.

I bought a pair of snickers, £50odd and that was two years ago and they don't even look old. I've just bought another pair


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I buy the Snickers 3312 trousers. You can get two pairs for the price of one of the pairs of trousers you're looking at. The Snickers gear is a bit on the expensive side but when my last two pairs of Snickers trousers saw 3 whole years of use I think it was a good investment. Comfortable too and come in enough sizes to satisfy the uber lanky to a shorty like me.
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