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am sitting on the comp (not literally) and eastenders is on int background....:(

does anyone on here actually watch this crap regularly and enjoy it?? :confused: the storylines are so far-fetched and the acting is so wooden i can't honestly believe that so many people watch this ****e religiously!! shirley there must be better things to do...i despair :rolleyes:
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*Holds his hand up*

I've just got back from the gym and I've actually taped EastEnders :)
It's the only soap I watch!
For me, football is shi*e.

But Big Brother.

That's the biggest pile of wa*k on the telly at the moment.
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Dont watch ANY soaps, all crap. Football crap too. Prefer something a bit more mentally challenging.

Is the A Team on tonight !:D


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Don't watch the soaps. When I was a kid always had to be quiet when Coronation Street was on so have ignored soaps ever since. Enjoy documentaries like Megastructures, get pi**ed off with people on Grand Designs who laugh off going over budget by a couple of hundred grand (but enjoy the programme) have started getting into science fiction. Have found this series on a BBC channel about a race who have aerials on their heads, TV screens on their bellies and speak a strange language. So far I've seen a red one, a green one, a yellow one and a purple one. Am confused by the rabbits and the baby in a sun though.:confused:


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Yes, my son and I like megastructures. I also like those documentaries where they move whole houses from place to place. You always want it to go pear shaped and the house ends up as a big heap of sticks in the middle of the road, jamming traffic in both directions for 20 miles, but it never seems to :(

No soaps, or sports. Except F1, and we watch that mainly because my daughter loves Lewis! It's like,watching scalextric, but I did enjoy the Silverstone one in the wet :)


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Animal Planet, National Geographic, Discovery Channel.

Best channels available.

(Oh, and I cried at EastEnders last night when the little ASBO kid was told his dad had died)

London Luke

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its these "reality" shows that make me upset
what on earth do we need such crap for on TV ?
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