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Socket suddenly stopped working.. no power??

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Hello gents,

I am trying to fault find the issue behind an old kitchen socket which suddenly stopped working. I immediately assumed moisture could have been a factor so I bought a new face plate but once I opened it I discovered there is no power to the socket from the incoming cable. The socket appears to be in a radial as there are 2 cables and 1 feeds a socket below the counter top. I attemped to trace the cable to its supply and found a junction box which I tested and there is power to the cable from there (testing across the terminals). The JB is abit of a cluster though.. several cables feeding the boiler, thermostat and actuator ect. Think I might of had abit of brain fog but doesn't this mean the damage to the cable is therefore along the route? Thanks in advance
Very unlikely the joint box you found is for the socket. What you describe sounds like the wiring for central heating.

What did you test with, and which terminals.

Is it at all possible to take a photo of the socket, a wide shot showing any kitchen cabinets, or other sockets that do work.

A photo of this joint box as well.

Also your consumer unit or fuseboard, showing the circuit breakers or fuses and which one you think supplies the faulty socket.
Have you checked to see if any mcb's rcd's are off or fuses have blown.
I would be doubtful that the JB mentioned is even part of the circuit from how you described it.
Pictures would be good You dont mention if the other socket is working
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