Aico 3000 Range
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Looking into sonos for the house, have seen a few posts about having a connect amp wired to ceiling speakers in each room and just wondered if there's any benefits to this compared to just using the play 1, 3 and 5's wirelessly around the house?
Aico 3000 Range
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Got both wired and wireless. The more components you add, the stronger the wireless mesh becomes so, apparently improving interference suppression and reliability. Had absolutely no issues with the Sonos wireless range on the Play 5 which gets taken to the garden shed regularly when hiding from 'er indoors ;). Would agree though where possible to go wired.


I put one in a bathroom at the start of the year .connect amp and monitor audio speakers.
i was expecting a Great Leap Forward from the play1,3,5 players but I was a bit underwhelmed.
680 quid vs 350 for a play5?
speakers in ceiling maybe slightly sleeker than a player in the corner of the room but that's it IMO
the best speakers I have are a bw Zeppelin with a Sonos connect via optical cable
i have had a Sonos for about 5 years and have added to it over time.
it almost never drops out and they are all wireless.
if your house is large buy another bridge or the new bridge boost and place it strategically in an area of low coverage.
if you want to hard wire them daisy chain cat5e or cat6 from the router or Sonos bridge to each player in turn in an in/out style
sonos is easy to set up as well
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Thanks chaps. Have looked into this a bit more and have read somewhere that if you hard wire then you don't need the bridge which makes sense but also by hard wiring all the units together you can cause signal problems as the wireless doesn't switch off and they get confused? Would the best way then be to hard wire maybe one or two of them (1 upstairs, 1 down?) and let the wireless do the rest? Thanks again!

DJ Ovengloves

You can check the status of Sonos mesh by logging into the a Sonos using the link below and selecting "Network Matrix" - moving devices a couple of inches can sometimes make a huge difference.

http://[B]IP Address of one of your Sonos devices[/B]/support/review

I use a mixture of wired and wireless for what it worth.

Finally, you can connect any of your Sonos devices directly to the internet via wired you don't need a Bridge at all.

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