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Hi Folks,

I am 35 and for the last 5 years I have worked in job like many others in this industry is under serious threat & I will prob be out of a job by the summer. From the ages of 21 until 30 I worked as a sparx mate, and not blowing my own trumpet I was very good and learnt alot of aspects of electrical work. I mainly worked on commercial, domestic contracts.
I am now looking to get back on the tools but not just as a mate anymore I would really like to fast track myself in getting my qualifications. My younger brother is a qualified spark & between us eventually we would like to set up on our own.

I have a few quid for the right courses if you know which ones I should take?

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Go to Plumbing course | Construction Training | Electrician Courses | DIY Skills they do a complete domestic installers course Part P certified and include a two day PAT Testing qualification in the package cost is £1795.00 or thereabouts. I think they are the only recommended people for ex forces.

I myself have just finished mine with these people and I can recommend them. Total course time 3 weeks.

Good luck

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