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Discuss Subscribed Member Price Reduced - and thanks to those who subscribe WE HAVE MORE 'LIKES' (REACTIONS) NOW!!!! in the Solar Thermal Advice Forum area at ElectriciansForums.net


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Subscribed Member Price Reduced - and thanks to those who subscribe WE HAVE MORE 'LIKES' (REACTIONS) NOW!!!!

We have reduced the price of our optional subscription system. At the time of writing it is now:-
  • £2 per month
  • £11 per 6 months
  • £20 per 12 months
It auto renews until you cancel. Those who are already subscribed will automatically get the new rates. We don't backdate price changes. Payment via PayPal only, but you can use a credit or debit card if you don't have a PayPal account. There is an option to subscribe and get a nice golden (yellowish) tag next to your name, or if people think they might get booted out of some social media group for supporting the forum (it has happened on tilersforums) by subscribing, you can subscribe and not select the tag. So nobody knows but Lou and myself.

CLICK HERE TO SEE SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION (clicking this wont bill you - it's just the information page).

Massive thanks to those who have subscribed so far. As a result of you doing so, we have been able to purchase the add-on that allows us to customise and expand on the 'likes' system (the ratings / reactions). So that's a direct return there for your money. :)

In time subscribed members will get a few extra benefits including a featured directory listing (we need some listings first to feature yours against though!) and that kinda jazz. But right now if you subscribe your account will remove nearly all Google ads (there's one on the homepage at the bottom that's becoming a pain in the arse to customise - I'm working on it) and no sidebar sponsor banners (you will still see content posted by and on behalf of sponsors, and still see their accounts and threads and posts and things, and there is a list of them linked-to from the main electrical forum category so you can check against the list before you buy something to see if they sell it - it's just the sidebar banners that goes away).

I think this kinda price works better. Whilst we halve our income from the existing members, we hope to encourage more than double the members to subscribe in doing so. Fingers crossed eh.

Thanks again people. Whether you subscribe or not you're just as important a member. It just helps us get on with the forum when we have a bit of cash for add-ons being requested by you guys, and customisations that attract more users and content. Which in turn helps us get more answers and help more people out. Which is what we're here for at the end of the day.
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p.s. - I'm installing the reactions thing now, it's taking a while because it's scanning all threads and posts. Perhaps a bit premature with the announcement there :D :D :p
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Other ways to support the forum:-

- Post new threads, reply to existing ones
- Buy from sponsors if they supply something you're looking for
- Always mention the forum when buying from a sponsor (or even a company who isn't maybe?)
- Welcome newer members in the welcome forum, avoid one-line copy and paste responses and actually ask them a question about what they've told us
- Post any electrical work you know of, or can offer directly yourself
- Report offensive / abusive content (don't ever reply to it - it doubles moderators work when they need to clear up your quote too)
- Be descriptive when creating a title of a thread or directory listing or job offer etc - it attracts more views
- Be nice, if you wouldn't say it to somebody's face (whilst sober!) don't say it online anywhere, especially forums of ours and others

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