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Superlec Direct is one of the UK's leading online electrical product distributors with over 35 years in the industry. Apart from our vast range of installation accessories we offer the UK's largest stock of cables, in particular all SWA cables. We also offer top quality branded electrical products such as home security systems to wiring accessories at consistently competitive prices

As well as offering free next working day delivery to UK mainland on orders placed by 2pm, we also offer project pricing and price matching on cable!


Superlec Direct

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Do you have any discount codes
Hi, unfortunately we don't have any active at the moment as our prices are already rock bottom however, if you do have a project coming up or have found a product cheaper elsewhere - give us a call on 01642 266013.


Hmmmm thinking about ordering about 50 mts of 10mm x 3 core SWA and glands for a home project........


Will measure up the exact amount have a load saved in my basket as need CSU and MCB's as well.
Just took a peek in the shop. Impressed with the range of products! Shall keep them in mind for next time.


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I have used superlec a couple of times recently. Their prices are very good and communication is good, however both times I have been told my items are not in stock (when the computer shows they are in stock) and that it will not be arriving when expected. I had to postpone a CU change on the first instance and at present am hoping my switch fuse arrives in time to marry up with the DNO arriving at the customers! (Again it is not in stock and showing as in stock)

I will continue to use Superlec, but I may well buy elsewhere if I need the item in a hurry as I cannot be sure they will deliver next day as advertised. However, if I can plan ahead by at least a week I would definitely use them.

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