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EFE3168C-6CF8-41AE-B53A-504DC2072645.jpeg Hi All, I want to start by saying thanks to the experts on here that give advice. It’s been really helpful looking over past posts. That said, I haven’t quite seen this issue before so I wanted to ask. I am about to buy a new house, and one of the things that has been flagged as an issue is that the electrical supply and the meter are installed under a sink (see photo). I’ve never encountered this before, and frankly seems insane. The circuit box is well above the sink, at about eye level and is a modern (but plastic) unit. The WC in question is under a stair and on an outside wall. I am 99% sure that the supply and meter need to be moved, as the sink can’t go anywhere else. Does anyone have an idea what it will cost to put them outside or any other general advice? Apologies for the low quality photo.


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Welcome , i would be better if the meter is put out side after you purchased the property you would need to ask the DNO could it, it will come at a cost.


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Umm, I'm pretty sure that the supply intake and meter would not have been installed with that sink in its present position.
However, if the sink cannot be moved because of internal decoration then the meter should be moved quite easily through to the outside. You'll need to check the prices to do the work from your local DNO.
I am pretty sure the sink came afterwards, it was an under-stair conversion by the homeowner as best I can tell. Any idea of ballpark pricing on that kind of work? The wall in question would be 1-2 M and towards the road.


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Go on line and look at your DNO prices which are put up on their site. I guess 1k plus a new CU £400 assuming no remedial works. Anything for £100 to £300 remedial works So maybe about 2k ish.
Bet you're thinking hang on maybe I could move the sink now?:cool:


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If you are lucky op they used to move meters outside for free down here.....but the smartish meter revolution might have stopped em doing it now...worth a check though


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I guess that you are in WPD area?

There is an indicative cost table at Western Power Distribution - Basic pricing tool - https://www.westernpower.co.uk/connections-landing/guide-prices/basic-pricing-tool

It says that "on average" that sort of thing is just shy of a grand. but of course it could be a lot more, or a lot less.
On that page there is a quotation request link.
Western Power Distribution - Apply for a new connection or modification to an existing connection - https://www.westernpower.co.uk/connections-landing/apply-for-a-new-connection-or-modification-to-an-existing-connection
You'll need the MPAN number of the installation, and you wont know that, as you don't live there!
Note that they would need to visit the site, evaluate the work and provide a quotation. They will only do this for the existing householder.
Also it takes time.

If you are keen on the house, take a punt and ask for a thou off the asking price. If you are in a hurry, or like certainty, then go find a different house.


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Thanks, is there a specific regulation that forbids this? I’ve been doing my best to find this information but can’t quite seem to find it.
DNO have their own rega as far as I am aware


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I've recently had a client obtain a free (I believe) service head move due to the fact his meter box was old, tatty and a little the worse for wear after years of snails using it as a home. WPD are my local DNO.

He enquired about having the service head moved and the guy who came out to survey the job wangled it as the equipment was not in a satisfactory condition. It wasn't a massive move mind you but it was still done for free as a maintenance activity.

In your case, the service head appears to be an old cast iron type, which could benefit safety wise from being replaced with a modern plastic one.


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You may be able to carefully enclose it using Perspex panels with a bit of inventiveness.
There are sockets under sinks all over the land. Sinks and wastes do not leak water if they work properly and with a Perspex sheet between will let you see any leaks and divert it anyway.
Just a thought.


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look on the bright side. a bit of soapy water in the meter might slow it down. near to me there is a whole estate with CUs fitted under kitchen sinks as when built. not heard of any problems (apart from me and some other sparks refusing to upgrade them ).
Thanks for all the helpful tips. Good idea SparkyChick about the DNO maybe doing it as a safety upgrade. I will definitely follow that up.

I agree that sinks shouldn’t leak, but I’ve got 3 kids under 9 and frankly they can’t be trusted.

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Must have had one of the better meter fitters that day, as around here at the moment one outfit who have the meter fitting contracts find slightest thing or speck of paint on the cut out they report it to WPD who then have to come out and change it so mr smart meter man can fit a new meter. its causing a backlog now and WPD are not happy. they have to do it as part of the governments smart meter drive. i learned that if they attend and report cut out then it stills counts as a successful job visit for the meter man as he has complied with health and safety...
Now you cant move the cutout yourself but I am aware of an electrician in the area around here who used to move the meters himself, seal fairy would come visit and somehow decide to move things and get the screwdrivers out!!! dont condone it but i am sure a lot of it goes on out there.

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