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Help required please, I've been on the phone for the best part of an hour going round in ever decreasing circles.EDF are the Electrical distributors,the bills are issued by EDF but absolutely nobody can let me know what the existing system is. It is an 100a overhead supply, there is no earth at the property and I need to know if PME is available, if it's not then I assume it's a TT system and must put a earth electrode in place. Has anybody have a contact No that I might be able to use? The ladies on the other end of the phone are very polite and sympathetic but I've not been able to talk to anybody about technical details It's an absolute shambles.
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Hi EddieB
Should have inlet for cpc on N if pme and lable could you take a pic ? this might help ! how was it earthed before you could also try neybours and see what they have or is it a new install ? edf rent the supply you may have more chance contacting scottish & southern energy they might have installed it ! domestic enquiryline 08457 444 555 might help.
Will put new thread up on S&SE CONTACTS.


Also, if its a two wire overhead supply then i dont think it would be available, however, if it is a single concentric supply cable then it may be available.

If you are unsure about the earthing arrangements at the property, put a rod in anyway, even if its only temporary.


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Thank you all, I did manage eventually to get a promise for somebody to ring me back and to be fair to them they did, they checked the account details and confirmed that PME was available. Jason it is a concentric cable as opposed to two singles, Thanks once again one and all


Ah EDF what a fantastic company!!!!! Been waiting 4 months for them to turn the supply back on at a warehouse we're refurbing!! Made me work over xmas to get ready for switch on on the 29th but then didn't show up !!! No phone call, no explanation, nothing!
And could not get an answer to why a domestic install had pme supply but no earth installed out of the neutral terminal !!!! Spent god knows how long gettin bounced around, they wanted an eic at one stage!!!
Love em
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