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Have to put right a badly installed swimming pool light installation.

The outdoor swimming pool has mains voltage ground lights surrounding it, about 40 cm from the pool edge.

I want to replace these fittings with ELV ground lights. Replacing the cable will mean a lot of disruption, so I was hoping to keep the cable in situ and replace the fittings. 2.5mm rubber cable

Power to transformers will be outside zones, but....

Are metallic ground lights OK around a pool if ELV

Volt drop is the big concern, but I was planning to use MR16 LED lamps which have a low wattage 2-3 watts , which also won't get to hot.

Transformer minimum ratings could mean I need to run a few lamps off the same transformer , any advice on how long a run is viable, and how many lights off each transformer.
Any advice an pool electrics most welcome


if you need to run a few lamps from the same transformer, then the length of run that is viable is down to the size of conductor you use. Volt drop is more profound on ELV systems. I uisedto hear people say that you need to keep the cable lengths the same if sharing a tx, but IMOif your cable is sufficuiently sized, then you shouldnt have any problems. Make sure your TX is designed to be used in Zone 1, or installed in such a way, thatit ois out of the zones. IMO, if a cover can be lifted to acces the transformer next to the pool, then you must treat that as zone 1, but if you have a maintenance corridor behind the pool then that is out of the zones. I used to wire large fountains, and we started to use fibre optic lighting, with great results.
FYI, auror make brilliant IP68 tx's

the tx's come with pre wried sealed leads. You can use a JB, filled with magic gel, fed by HO7 cable, and feed your lights with the same. No leaks, no dramas, and no worries


Metal pool surround lighting is fine at ELV voltages and if you say the TX's are located outside of the restricted zones. Your volt drop is going to be your main concern at 12Volt!! So it's down to the overall length of the cable runs around the pool...
try the 12v ones -
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