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Hi Guys

I recently started the HNC in electrical and electronic engineering in online learning through teeside university. Im hoping someone on this is in the same boat as me. First assignment ENS-1-TMA already has me struggling as it is not electrically based. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Gonna be a long 18months or so!

Thanks in advance!

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im starting HNC in electrical engineering in Sept, on day release. Ill prob be [posting on here a lot to get different views ect, but ill also have regularv access to others views on the course, which i can relay. Im really lloking fiorward to the challenge. Especially the maths! gulp.
Which module is TMA 1?
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TMA 1 is engineer science assignment 1, it deals with static engineering systems etc. Very different to what I'm used to, no electrical involved as of yet. If you are doing day release with a college I have a feeling your course structure will be quite different?
maybe mate, but the fundamental science and theory is the same, and as its the same course, the syllabus will be similar too. Obviously we can choose different modules, but im sure that the core ones are the same.
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Yeah your probably right. Day release is the way to go I reckon, unfortunately I just couldn't get the time off from work. Yeah I think engineering science will be the trickiest, if like me your coming from all electrical background! At least there's some one on here I can relate too, it'll be a tough course I reckon.
i think theres a few of us on here, most of whom who are doing the Colu route. I was very very lucky tha my company are paying for me to do it, with a transition to the office at the end of it!

Ive been thinking about if for ages, buit i decided that i would struggle to focus properly, and that i would gain more by day release.


Hi Sparkymalarky.

Did you have to do a maths birdging course to get on to the HNC ? and if so have you got any informaton ?
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Aw your dead right! Sounds like you've got a good number there! I'll be using this HNC as springboard for a better job all being well!Mate if you know of anyone specific on here doing it online gimme a shout as I would like to get talking to some one!

Every day is a school day!
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Yeah timbo, enrolled 4 days before the deadline!Phew! The hike in the prices was unbelievable! nearly 150% increase is madness! You on the course yourself mate?


Hi timbobelfast,

I see it says your location Kabul, i have just left Kabul and am in Kandahar (south afghan) i am just wondering what company you are working for and if you know of any more jobs out here as our contract may be coming to an end

I had planned to but ended going with a Petroleum Open Learning course instead.

From what I gather it is heavy going and needs to be tackled head on. I think I would have struggled with support because of were im working at the minute.

Did you have to do the maths bridging module?

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