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hi guys
could anyone show me a linck to testing web ,just doing my C&G2330 and when it come to testing resistivity and contunuity and polarity my istalation its confusion ..why do we have to join the earth cables and lives and earth or what ever.. when i asked the teacher..he said u got momrise dosen't make sence ,,,this all done to the college ..coz we didn't have a theory teacher since we started antil the last week..
appreciate any reply.

Andy M

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Two of the dead tests that you should do before livening up the installation are continuity of the cpc (earth) so basically are there any breaks in the earth wire? and polarity (have you got the live and neutral the right way round? If you join the earth and live together at one end and at the other test between the two wires to see if you have a complete circuit you will being doing both these tests at the same time. because if your ohmmeter says open circuit there is either a break in the earth (or live) or the polarity is reversed.
This test is referred to as the R1+R2 test R1 being the value of resistance of the phase (live) and R2 the CPC (earth).
Hope this helps if not Brian Scaddan's book's are helpful and not too expensive.

What college do you go to? i worked briefly for Uxbridge
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hi andy
thanx for reply you been very helpfull ,i study in city and westminster college in london,padington green ..good college but we had a bad luck this years ..shortige in teachers.. they finaly got us an proper electrician not trained to be a teacher !!! to teach us wich is good.. hopefully we catch up kwik
nice one ..
thanx for ur help again...and i will the book anyway!!

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