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Hi Guys,,
I've just been asked if im interested in wiring new build conservatories to existing properties, i.e. conservatory extension.. Ive also been asked if i can certify them... The problem is im not registered as part p, nic or anything and wondered if im able to carry these out - legally. I dont think a full installation certificate would be required as i can always add onto the existing ring main and lighting circuit etc.
My question now is, can i actually issue a minor works certificate or not without being registered?:)


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The question you have asked, will require an answer that is sooooo complicated.

May i recommend you study this:


Basically anyone can carry out installations etc providing they notify via a scheme provider or direct to the LABC (for a large fee).

There are certain things you can do without having to notify, although the list is very small.

They type of certificate does not depend on whether the work is notifiable or not.

Hope that kinda makes sense:)
my local bco will now only sign off an un registered sparks work if they are 17th ed maybe different elsewhere


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I dont know if it would be cost effective for you to do these conservatories without being registered with a part p scheme.

At most these conservatories will have a couple of sockets and wall lights.

Add the cost of involving building control onto that and all of a sudden your price is over a hundred quid more than the next part p guy.



.... and you couldn't guarantee that particular jobs wouldn't have to involve installing a whole new circuit and therefore possibly change of c/u due to loading. Apart from that, AFAIK anyone can issue a MEWC if not in a special location or a like for like in a special location.
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Thanks for all your replies guys..
I think its a decision between letting the jobs go, or just registering.. With only being new - in fact still in training, its a bit daunting although i know how to test and do have my own multifunction-tester (fluke 1653), as to the responsibility, just puts you off at my stage..
Thanks anyway...:)


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simple answer NO
yeah you can go through labc but not realistic due to price
if you guaranteed plenty then get regestered
tey napit/elecsa they are pretty easy going on new members, and if you can test correctly then i cant see a problem for your first years membership

good luck


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I thought work in conservatories was not notifiable as long as you are only extending existing circuits and not installing new

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