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Hi all.

I'm working on my second of two assessments ( I'm a novice ).
So far I've sorted new E Tails to metal socket plates, sorted reverse polarity at cooker isolation / socket switch ( still don't understand why fridge has n't got a problem with phase in neutrals at switch! ), got all the results for the EIRC, and fitted a new CU.

My ( hopefully ) last problem concerns main bonding as follows:

Cut 30' ish of 10mm E. Tested ends and got a continuity reading of 0.02ohms.
Fitted cable in situ ( clamp at water stop, then through wall to clamp at gas mains ( cable not cut ), then back into house to CU.

About five feet of this run sees cable running parallel in conduit and wall.

Now when I carry out continuity of main bond I get -00 ohms.

I have tested with leads not nulled and get a reading 0.02 ohms lower.

Is the parallel section causing this?

I know the reading must be below 0.05ohms but surely there must be some resistance.

How will this look to the assessor?

Thanks. :nonod:


Electrician's Arms
0.02 ohms is probably as low as your tester will measure. If there is a parallel path you will get different readings


Electrician's Arms
Have you disconnected the db end from the MET? If not there may be a parallel path??
Myself I would be thinking that that is on the limit of 10mm to meet .05

Are you testing this with a r2 lead or equivalent?


Thanks for your reply. Testing with Kewtec Continuity Tester with the usual red / black crocs. Main Bond is not in MET yet. 10 mm Bond tests -00ohms when disconnected from clamps.


Electrician's Arms
You want to test it when it is all inn-situ.
Then disconnect from Met. One clip to 10mm other to r2 lead that is connected to clamp.
Then remember to remove lead resistance. If your not sure, follow the GN3 is the Best advice I can give you.
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