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Evening all,

I as doing a new kitchen install today, and noticed that the main incoming water supply is done in plastic.

The stopcock and pipes running out to an outside tap are in copper however.

I was wondering if it is wise to introduce a potential difference by bonding the copper sections, but the surrounding circuits in this area are rcd protected so no supplementary bonding required.

I have attached a pic, this seems to be a grey area.

Thanks in advance.


Looking at it, it's highly unlikely that you'll be needing any main protective bonding.
The leg to the tap should certainly NOT be bonded and is often fitted with a plastic insert to isolate any bonding that is required.

The kitchen is not a special location so would not need supplementary bonding anyway.


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Quite simply, no.
If it was a requirement to bond that set up then we'd have to bond every installation in the land, that should be a delight to see for every electrician.
I bet you ain't as lucky with the gas though.


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How do I post my question on here?? I have an iPad by the way


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So let me get this straight..... If the incomer is plastic, it doesn't require a 10mm bond?


Just test between the MET and the incoming service, and if a reading greater than 23k ohms no need to bond. If less, needs bonding to bring to the same potential.... I.e less than 0.05 ohms.
Simple to do, and a guaranteed method.
You will find a lot of services don't need bonding, as they are not a parallel path to earth.
Hope this helps


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thanks guys,

yeah the previous spark had taken a 6mm c.p.c from a nearby socket and bonded the copper stopcock.......This was probably unessesary.
What a mess....


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Diy plumbing at its best.

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