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I hope this helps any potential T4TS users or those currently signed up.

I see plusses and minuses with this company and how it operates and will try to be impartial....

When I signed up to do the course I signed up to get my Part P but was also pushed by the salesman to sign up for NVQ 3, it was completely pointless as I only wanted to do Domestic work but unfortunately was too niaive at the time to realise. Several years later I'm still stuck with paying for that every month.

On the plus side the theory training is excellent, the manuals, computer work plus the on-line and phone help were all very good. Pretty much everything is there to help you pass the written tests.

Unless things have changed in the last few years you will get 5 weeks of practical study split into 1 and 2 week batches. These are okay but I would say that they are not long enough and do not provide enough hands-on work to walk away feeling confident or even particularly knowledgeable.

In summary, you will almost definitely get your Part P, as long as you follow their study schedule, but if you had no electrical hands-on before you will be lacking in any real world experience. This will not be so bad if you are going to work for someone but if you want to go and work for yourself, then you will be woefully short of knowledge. Electrical work requires heaps of building archietecture knowledge which you will not get from this course.

I wanted to work for myself and the way I got around this was to stay in contact with a couple of the guys that I met on the practical courses. We created a bit of a co-operative of knowledge sharing and even shared some of the bigger jobs that we landed. This worked pretty well and we're all holding our own, some 3 years later. We still bounce ideas of each other and share new experiences.

My main warning is not to get sucked in by their salesmen. My experience is that they are aggressive and only out to sign you up for as much as possible without thought to your actual real world requirements. AND once you have signed along that dotted line you could be left coughing up a lot of money that you didn't need to, that you can ill-afford when you are trying to build your own business.

It suited my needs at the time, as I wanted to continue working whilst training. I've been doing it for two and half years on my own now as a member of ELECSA so they have helped me to get where I wanted.
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hi i joined t4ts last october and i am finding nothing wrong with the course i would highly recommend the course

doing my first 2 weeks practical on the 24th september in southampton so looking forward to it books are excellent only little downside is the
waiting time waiting for modules to be marked but apart from that it good
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Just bumping this to bring all contributors to the attention of all the threads we have on our forums about Train 4 Trade Skills.

There have been A LOT of people who feel they have been missold courses by Train 4 Trade Skills. Many taking legal action.

Please see this for electrical course threads on our sparky forum: https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=t..._cp.r_qf.&fp=37fc7606ff53045&biw=1500&bih=958
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James Dalby

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Im about halfway through my course with T4TS and have mixed thoughts on it.

The course material in each module is well explained and gives a lot of information, when i haven't understood something then my tutor has explained it more clearly or i have used other resources to understand topics.

I think T4TS have shot themselves in the foot with the scenario software they provide, when i was sold the course i got told how much of a great learning tool this is and it is a fantastic learning tool to go through virtual real life scenarios. However with it only containing no more than 5 scenarios the idea is totally flawed and a waste of a great software product, When i was sold the course they said about the value of this software in relation to the cost of the course so I feel like i havent got my value for money on training activities.

I have only done 1 lot of practical weeks and Iam now ready to take my 2nd lot however its nearly a year between the 2 which i think is way too long. Also my 1st practical week seemed rushed and i wasnt happy with the work I submitted. Also i got a bit of a wake up call when i did a bit of labouring for a electrician with nailing clips into a brick wall instead of mdf walls in the booths at ATL.

The course does seem a good idea but has some really flawed ideas on the actual quality that I think could be quite easily improved by T4TS if they would be willing to put the effort and money in. But usually with companies like this from what i learned in my retail experience they don't mind dumbing down on quality for profit, which is quite sad especially when its to do with learning and wanting a better career in life.

You will only get out of this course with what you put into it and it does take a lot of hard work and time. Ive been slightly lucky with having contacts in the electrical industry to gain some site experience which may help me land a job in the future when i have my qualifications.

Jimmy M C

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Im awaiting my dates for practical weeks on this course. Will post further on my experiences with them !!

the grim reeper

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Well i started with the skills centre which closed down due to the CEO getting done for fraud (basically gambled the money away) so my course got took up by ATL in featherstone Near wakefield. I got put onto a T4TS books if you like but it wasn't it was just to finish the course off, i was given all the books and had to go online which for me was a waste as i wasn't doing this course. So during my study i lost my Dad which through my study out i messaged the tutors saying what was happening they was great but what i didn't know was i was talking to the wrong people i should have been talking to ATL, so my time had ran out to complete the course (i later got this sorted) So back on to study.

I got all the qualifications 17th edition PAT testing but no NO practical so its completely useless. So i'm now out of work and unable to get a job in my old area and unable to get on in this one due to no experience, its been a waste of money and time, or maybe it was just the wrong time when i studied


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