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Hi Everyone.

I would like some advice about training to become a ' fully qualified electrician'

I understand that there is a City and Guilds 2330 Level 1 and also the C & G 2330 Level 2 Courses which seem to be far better than any intensive course as Rome wasnt built in a day and becoming an electrician takes time and experience.

Also i have heard about NVQ level 2 and 3..what are they ?

Then i understand that we are now on the 17th Edition of Wiring Regulations.

I already have a C&G 200 in Electrical Engineering which i got over 10 years ago and also have an electronics background and experience with alarms so i am not completely new to this but do realise that i still have quite a bit to learn before i can call myself a sparky.

What is my best route ( maybe not the fastest ) to properly learn theoretical and practical to enable me to do a safe and proper job and to get qualiified ?

I also have done the CSCS exam.
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Hi and welcome.

I have relocated your post to the relevant forum:)

Adam W

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C&G 2330 level 2 takes 2 years (1 day or 2 evenings a week) there are 2 multiple guess exams at the end of the first year, then 2 multiple guess and a practical exam at the end of the second year.
C&G 2330 level 3 takes a year (1 day a week) then at the end of that there is a multiple guess exams, 2 written exams and 2 practical exams (fault finding and inspection and testing).

The NVQ3 involves filling in a diary of work you've done onsite so you need to be working in the industry, but you can finish that at any time.

I think after that you have to do the AM2 which is a practical exam, then the 17th edition exam which doesn't take that long.

When you've done all that the JIB will call you an electrician, and you can even buy a card off them that says so!


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You need to do the City & Guilds 2330 Level 2 and 3 3years in total or fast track 2 years
NVQ Electotechnical City & Guilds 2356 Level 3 not the 2 as it is not acceptable in England and is worthless anyway.
AM2 test.
Apply for JIB card for Electrician

You then can do City & Guilds 2382 17th Edition course and City & Guilds 2392 or 2391 Inspection and testing.


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Electricpawn, welcome, go on to Premier Training in Leeds, there web site, they are a really good outfit, and they have prices and info..
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