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I had to fill in doing the wages for the lads and was wondering if you could fill in a blank for me. I paid them travel rate anyway but was wondering on peoples opinion.

As far as I am aware you pay travel rate when your guys go str8 to the job, obviously if over 15 miles etc. If you get them to come into the office first to pick up materials etc then you pay them shop rate.

How do people feel about the set up when the site is a couple of miles from where they stay and the office is 17 miles from the job?

If I am understanding the rules correctly, we should be paying them more if they go str8 to the job (2 miles away) than we do if they have to come into the office (17 miles away). Is there any wiggle room?


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All travel should be paid from the office which is correct regardless of where they live in relation to the job. If you were to bring them into the office first then they should be provided with transport to the job anyway and paid for their time.


The way it works with most firms:- Employees are responsible for paying their travel to and from their normal place of work. Using your example 17 miles to work and 17 miles home ie. 34 miles each day. They only receive travel expenses for any travel to and from a remote site in excess of their normal journey to and from work. So, say the remote site where they are working is 25 miles from their home, they would be paid 50-34 = 16 miles travel allowance for the journey to and from site.


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I work for a large firm, and the way it works for us is this.

We are provided with a company van. We are paid travel time from the yard, which is 45 mins from home. some jobs we make a little on travel time, because its closer to us than the yard is, but on other jobs we lose, because we have to drive past the yard to get to the job. the only rule is that we have to be at the job by 8 at the latest.

In reality we're on a good crack, and we're treated fairly. Not all firms are like this.

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My understanding, is that travel allowance is paid if someone works at a temporary place of work for anything less than two years.
The allowance should be paid from home to the place of work.

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