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I have a tv on the wall downstairs running off sky box.....all surface wiring at the moment. Previous owners had aerial installed on roof with points in every room off splitter box in loft (4 points in total)
Thinking about putting all equipment sky box,dvd player, router etc in purpose built cupboard under stairs.
Not 100% sure of the best way to link everything up?
Can I change the aerial splitter in the loft for some sort of amplifier which would could also have dish/sat cable inputs or virgin cable inputs, then link to skybox in new cupboard under the stairs. Or do you have to have cables from dish direct to skybox/virginbox.

Any replies would be appreciated :)
Aico 3000 Range
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Your sky box has an tv input and output so you can wire from the aerial straight to the sky box then from the sky box upstairs to your splitter no you are asking why well the sky will send out an analogue signal that you can tune the TVs upstairs to it only thing is if its in a cupboard how are you changing the channels ?

No you cannot split the sky signal from the dish this is the signal from the sat to the box and then the box decodes it but if you want more sat connections then you need to change the lnb (cone at dish) to a quad unit so in my case I have Sky + Sky multiroom and Freesat Sky + 2 cables from dish SKY MR 1 cable from dish Freesat 1 from dish
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I was going to use the magic eyes to change the channels.
I thought you could use one of those labgear distribution amplifiers where you have lnb1 and 2 inputs from the dish then output down to the skybox and signal back up to amplifier to serve other tvs off this,then main tv straight from skybox via hdmi. These amplifiers also have aerial inputs plus dab,CCTV etc
Are you familiar with these type of amplifiers and is it the way to go..... as this is not really my thing at that level. I hope this makes sense in what I have said above :)


Nope but when I rehashed my sat system years ago I found that you need 1 cable from the dish for each receiver so SKY + is a twin receiver hence 2 cables and Sky only fit a single (one way) or a quad (4 way) LNB (thats the little cone on the end of the stick at the dish) if you try and break into it like an aerial you will not get a signal


If you move the Sky box away from main TV, you'll have to have an RF feed to the TV, or a long HDMI cable. Consider using HDMI distribution to pipe Sky etc. around the house. And use RF just to operate magic eyes.
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Thanks for the replies chaps.......
There is a site which was really good showing different set ups to have using labgear distribution systems, plus they were very helpful on the phone, to the point where they will send you info on your exact requirements, if what you want is not on there site.... wiring layouts etc


If you already havnt, invest in a PS3, ideal for playing dvds/blu-rays, and the controls are operated via bluetooth so no need for IR senders etc...

You can also stream to a PS3 from your computer, as well as being able to have access to netflix/lovefilm etc..
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