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Client has 2 three phase machines, both with 5 pin 16A plugs.
He only has the one supply (2.5mm SWA) and wanted to run both machines from that.
Without fitting a sub board is there some form of rotary switch that will power one or the other, but never both at the same time.
It would be awkward and probably too expensive to upgrade the supply and fit a proper sub dis board.

And before anyone asks, he has become fed up of having to unplug one machine to use the other, he uses one straight after the other in a manufacturing process 'a lot of times' in a day.


Used to Use Klockner Moeller chnageover switches alot for this type of installation tohugh i'm sure there are many other makes that do the same thing.

Cant remember part numbers but definitely the right sort of switches out there for this,try Klockner Moellar/ Telemecanique/ Shnieder to name afew brands (may have got the spellings wrong)

Try here for starters:
Change Over Switches | MeteorElectrical.com
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Just a thought here,

Just because both machines are on 16A plugs does not mean they are going to pull 16A each, what is the ratings of the machines ?

Silly Sausage

If there’s only one socket and two plugs the problem solves it’s self.

The customer's lazy.
You could have some interlocked arrangement, both machines have Stop/Start which isolates (power to) the other machine when one is on? :)

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