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Been playing around with a fair few blogs for a while related to this topic. UK Tiling Forum that is.

UK Tiling Forum - The Tiling Forum for the UK, but also overseas too. Hmmmmm​

UK Tiling Forum | UK Tilers Forum - UK Tiles Forums uk-tiles-forum.PNG - EletriciansForums.net

We started our UK tiling forum back in 2006, April 2nd I think it was. So nearly coming up to 15 whole years being the tiling forum for the UK. Literally.

Our forum, like this Electrical Forum (now posting electrical news from any source by the way!), was the first to be online, and the first to gain traction. And generally when a forum does that, it works ongoing.

We have tried to setup forums for various other topics, I own a lot of automotive-related forums that do well, and 10 times that which don't do well. Likewise in the construction industry we have the three main forums doing well, and then a dozen not doing anything at all.

The first UK Tiling Forum, or UK Anything Forum, will always be THE forum for that said topic​

Providing the forum keeps the members in the loop with a main aim, and they all agree, the forum moves with the industry and it stays current and valid and reputable and on-topic.

How do people who run forums stop them from being 'spammed from the inside'?​

This is hard. So spam which we can categories in many ways, is basically posts that aren't wanted. So some examples might be (not saying they're always spam in our case, but as an owner of many forums I am member of many forum-management forums and we see this as a constant battle):-

Obvious ones that member spot
  • ------ spam
  • Buy a lady from Vietnam spam
  • Gambling spam
  • Spam aimed at our obvious user base
So mainly male-aimed fake automated user accounts being created using scripts that then hammer a forum with new threads, posts in reply to threads they've worked out are ranking well, or even post on-topic (in our case electrical related, on the UK tiling forum, tiling-related), and then edit their profiles to include links to their sites they're promoting.

Reasons for spam / types of spam, might be:-
  • To physically get a member to click a link - so targeted topics aimed at what they assume is a lonely bloke
  • Some spam is just to get a link in a thread on an established forum - this will be things like 'visit our website to buy cheap bitcoin' and then the wording cheap bitcoin is a link. They're trying to increase a genuine bitcoin sites (sometimes) own ranking in Google, so they get some genuine natural traffic.
All of those are clocked quickly, if not automatically by our forum software, my coding, or actual regular members too! (thanks guys and gals), but also some outside help from the hacker industry, believe it or not there are some "white hat hackers" who just test for vulnerabilities in software to force the makers of the software to up their game, often getting bounty payments for doing so, and run consultancy businesses advising banks and the likes in their spare time!)

What's the worst type of 'unwanted posts' (or spam) on a UK Tiling Forum then?​

UK Tiling Forum | UK Tilers Forum - UK Tiles Forums uk-tiling-forum.PNG - EletriciansForums.net

Well, the ones where brands or suppliers are giving away free tools and / or products in return for false-positive feedback on the forum, or in threads.

So false feedback is feedback that is fake. Positive feedback is feedback that will provide positive reviews online. False-positives are the two combined.

This happens in Google reviews, Tripadvisor reviews, it happens massively in Trusted Tradesmen related websites (quick backlink to our own site that's sitting dormant for now by the way, that's not a fake link added or something added by mistake) such as MyBuilder, CheckaTrade etc. By the way, CheckaTrade when you sign up to a new profile, encourage you to email all your "past customers" to leave positive reviews for your new account and profile. Time and time again my own research (including just asking members in our Tilers Arms sections on our forums etc) shows that the profile owner will without a doubt create 5+ gmail addresses the day they have their email from CheckaTrade saying email their customers, to leave their own false-positive reviews.

When does it become a problem for a UK Tiling Forum?​

When regular long-standing members start to say they are regular long standing members of a UK tiling forum and if said company sends them a free tile cutter worth £500, they will share it with their local tiler mate, and get them both leave false-positive reviews, along with pictures of it being used in jobs etc in return.

How do they get clocked by the UK Tiling Forum?​

The company supplying said product(s) get cocky and PM or email a few other regular members and ask them to do the same thing.

Awks Position For The Owner Now Then?​

---- no. I removed all their content, removed the company in question, and ----ed off a lot of regular members as I couldn't explain (due to data protection etc) what's really gone on.

So they start a forum of their own.

The company they plugged "sponsors" them. And they end up creating a new UK Tiling Forum that's littered with false-positives.

Not only that, they start coming back to our forums under new names as their own forum is so quiet and they're so used to expressing their views online that they aren't getting enough threads on their own forum to nurture their feels.

Protection or Retaliation? - Probably both​

I bought some domain names, and rank higher than they do for their own domain. And then some. I've created this article mainly to rank along side my blogs and sites I've made. But also to show you how we protect you and your advice.

We don't want false fake advice on our forums. And spam isn't always ------ spam. Sometimes it can be paid-for under-the-radar 'spam' (unwanted posts). And sometimes it can be the members who think they run the forum and can do anything on it, that lose the most when it happens.

Because our forums certainly don't lose traffic.

And I certainly don't let competitors off easy. That's my job. Stay number one. :)

UK Tiling Forum | UK Tilers Forum - UK Tiles Forums uk-tilers-forum.PNG - EletriciansForums.net

So here are some links I need to post to this article. Check them out, they're not the best sites or blogs, but they rank where I need them to rank. And that's good enough for me. What took them 4 months to make one wordpress-based site, I made 6 wordpress sites in a day and every one ranks above theirs for different terms.

Cheers for reading this far. You didn't need to. I just needed a lot of words in this post. :)

You can help by replying to it with a few words and a question, so I can reply to that again with a question, and we make this 'article' a dozen or so posts long. That'd do it some good.

UK Tiling Forum Websites and Blogs and Things:-

Threads around Electrical News:-

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