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Anybody no of any good racking for a merc vito

i clean my van out every sunday takes me about 4 hours to sort it all out nice and tidy come the end of every tuesday its like its been nuked.,

need to sort this out does anybody have racking and dose it make life easy ???

thanx from mike
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Hi Mike,

To be honest, if you want to buy universal racking systems then they can become very expensive by the time you configure what you want.

When i had my Vivaro i built a rack all down the drivers side out of some batton and few sheets of 9mm ply.

So, if you are feeling creative build your own!!


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might give it a bash jason cheers:)


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when i got my transit, all this pre made rakcing was so expensive, so i also made my own. so much better as you can build it where you want it and how big and so on, you just gota put things back at the end of the day or it still look like a bombs hit it!


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I got my transit kitted out with the Tevo racking, i currently work in lighting maintenance and when i just got the van i got it lined and then made some shelves etc myself but in the end up i was smashing more lamps (mercury + confined space = not good for you) than i was fitting so this was the solution. It was expensive but i think its probably paid itself back now and its far easier to work out of now also.




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I got a vito fully kitted out with old sortimo racking off of ebay cost me around 250 instead of £2000. My boss always says i do more fuel lugging round half a ton of gear but i save time?money whilst he would have to go get the parts. I have a load of tilt bins i think they are practi boxes. Are in used condition have about 30 of them 3 and 4 bin ones for sale at £5 each if any one wants any can contact me on [email protected] im based around north london essex area
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