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Good evening all!

I was on site today relocating a consumer unit in a domestic property and got a hefty whack of a CPC...

I have never seen this much leakage in 20 years of work. It is a TNS system, the main switch was off (I got a whack of a gas bond). I am unsure what to do with the situation?

I have attached a video, feel free to reply!


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I would contact the DNO as soon as possible. While it might be TN-S at the cutout it might well be fed off a TN-C system with a dodgy PEN somewhere else.

It is hard to see any other explanation of such a high "leakage" current.
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it's them gas bods getting even for you not bonding to the external meter.
Apologies, in the video was the main earth to be attached to the incoming cable.

The gas bonding connects directly to the consumer unit.

No load on in the house yet the main earth was arcing when connected to the incoming cable.

I’m returning tomorrow to finish the job so will energise / test then.
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That's not leakage, that's a flood. Keep us posted on what you/DNO find out to be the cause..

Reminds me of the 'electrified' driveway gates I had at my old house (new build at the time), due to damage to underground street lighting cable, only became apparent when ground was wet. Not fun.
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If this place has a lawn out the back, I'd stick a spike into the ground, well away from everything, run a single cable into the house and measure, with an AC volt meter, what potential there is between the DNO earth terminal and your wire, and the bond wire and your wire. Should give you an idea of which bit the fault lies with.

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