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Hi all, this is my first post on the forum.
I've found out lots of interesting stuff out here and think it's a great source
of info with some very knowledgable sparks.
I'm a registered with Gas Safe for 3 years did my all my plumbing Qualifications
a year before that inc unvented and last year did Full Scope Electrics.
I'm ready for my first CU change next month and I'm going to try and register with ELECSA as
I think they'll best suit me( I fit kitchens and bathrooms).
I used to run my own civil construction company but the work was always miles away and never saw the kids.
Now I work within 4 miles of where I live and see my familly a lot more.
This forum has helped me loads and even the negative responses I've read from seasoned sparks to ex millatary lads wanting a bit of help made me want to pass more.
If you want to do anything you can! Don't believe anything else we're all the same.
Thanks to all the helpful guys.

tony mc

Electrician's Arms
North of London South of Edinburgh
Best of luck for the future.

IMO the forum is about passing on information and gaining further knowledge from very experianced members!

Re your Elecsa venture if you have any concerns prior to your accessement just give them a ring and they are more than happy to answer any questions or have a quick search on here !


That's good to know a-z I called them and they
put my mind at rest.


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Hi mick welcome very appreciative your post elecsa is great all their assessors are time served tradesmen who understand our trade not some pen pusher fresh out of college they don't try and trip you up on your assessment if there's something your not too sure of you get reasonable answers
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