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Hey chaps.

Dont know if theres already been a thread on these but I feel the need to air my views.

My free sample of the WAGOBOX joint box arrived in the post today and I have to say I was horrified!!!!!

They claim that this is the answer to not being able to use screw terminal j/b's in inaccessible areas due to the requirement of inspection.

What you get is a box with 3 x 4 pole connectors and 2 x 1.5mm T&E,s already terminated into them.

Fault 1. A gentle pull on 2 of the coductors and they came out.
2. The cord grip strip (black bit that slides in) which in my opinion is
way to hard had actually cut through the outer grey insulation
and was doing its best to get all the way down to the copper.
3. Wagobox say that you can terminate 3 x 6mm T&E's into one of
these boxes.......I think they're having a girrafe!

Has anyone else seen/used any of these??

Other views greatly appreciated



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I had a sample to Len and wasn't that impressed I must admit.

Looks like a lot of fiddley work to set them up especially if you were terminating some downlighters on the top of some steps.

Also if you wanted to change for what ever reason the very bottom cable feed, you could loosen the connections of the other feeds pulling them out and putting them back in.

Terminal screws for me I think.

Possibably good for testing purposes?


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Hey buddy,

My biggest problem now is that because some of the conductors came out when I tugged them a bit, I now have absolutely no faith in them whatsoever. It's the kind of thing that would keep me awake at night, worrying if the connections were tight enough......and we all know what loose connections bring............

I dont think I'll be using them in the future.


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The terminal blocks are made by Wago and carry a whole host of safety marks that cover a whole host of countries. I have been using the connectors for over 18 months and never has a conductor fallen out! I've also seen the Wagobox and used quite a few of them now. The gripper is not sharp and I've never cut through the outer sheath with them. They can be repositioned to different off sets to adjust the pressure on the cable. As an electricain that has fitted BS6220, Chocbox and some of the new Ashley series my experience is that the Wagobox was a lot quicker to fit. If you had a sample with a faulty connector I would suggest you contact them and let them know!


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Do you think that they would then reduce the silly price for them as well? :rolleyes:


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I have been using WAGO push connectors for some time and was concerned that you were able to easily pull the cables out of the connectors. You need to strip the cable back approximately 12mm and once pushed into the connector, you must make sure you can see the copper conductor is well past the contacts within; Sorry if this sounds like i'm trying to teach granmar how to suck eggs.

I have yet to try out the WagoBox but at first sight it looks easy to use, much easier that the ChocBox of which I have used a lot. I shall post another review once I have tried the Wagobox out.:)
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