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Hi lads , am striking out on my own in the near future , am after a bit of advice on what multi tester to buy ? any advice , I'm after a tester that is easy to use as I'm a bit of a novice when it comes to testing:eek:


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i use Megger's. they are OK, and very easy to get to grips with, but the 'no trip loop' function for Zs and Ze is very slow. They also sting you becasue you have to buy a seperate lead to do you ring cross connects

Robin / fluke are a better meter i think, but much harder to learn on

Of course, you pays your money, you takes your choice
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I use Unitest (3 seprate meters) and it is crap. Leads everywhere, croc clips galore and no back light function so you can see what you are doing in the dark.
Utter rubbish so avoid like the proverbial. When I go on my own this year I will either use the Fluke MFT of Megger.


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Just exactly WHAT is a 17th ed tester- do we have a new fangled something or other


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no such thing, unless its got a phase sequence indicator and a times 2 RCD test function:p


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You don't need anything new for the 17th that all the 16th edition testers dont already have.

The 2I RCD test is a load of BS spread by one of the lesser east european manufacturers that have it in their multifunction tester - there was an article in the NICEIC rag all about it. So don't get conned into buying a new tester when you don't need one.

One company even runs ads saying "The UK 1st 17th Edition Tester" which is strange since all the pre-existing 16th edition testers that have been around for years comply to the 17th edition.

Best testers I have come accross are the Meggers. Cant blow them up even accross phases, good readings, easy to use, 3 year warranty and made in good ole blighty - not some cheap imported tosh. I got a spanky MFT1553 in my hallway now and its the best.

Check out the promo video YouTube - Megger MFT1553 Multifunction Tester
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