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What type of brand do you use?

  • CK, Irazola, Knipex

    Votes: 40 93.0%
  • Stanley, Draper

    Votes: 2 4.7%
  • Focus home brand

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Somebody elses

    Votes: 1 2.3%

  • Total voters

Johnny Bravo

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Might be useful for new starters :)

Bahco adjustable wrenches and hacksaw.
NWS side-cutters and strippers.
Knipex combi and long-nosed pliers.
CK croppers, crimpers, compound tin-snips and ratchet pipe-cutter.
Stanley blade, bolster, claw and club hammer.
Stabila level and tape.
Fluke Tester.
Mixture of Bahco, Defiance, Roebuck and Stanley screwdrivers.
All in a CK plus technicians tool case

Bosch 10.8v impact driver with Wera BiTorsion impact bits (possibly to be replaced with Panasonic 14.4v impact driver)
Bosch 650w percussion drill (possibly to be replaced by Panasonic 14.4v SDS drill)
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Irazola drivers and knipex cutters, you wont go far wrong.:D


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CK drivers
Knipex cable shears, snips, strippers, crimpers, circlip pliers, combi and long nose pliers
Kewtech meter, clamp meter and high potential tester
Bahco adjustables and hacksaw
Halfords professional flexi rachet spanners

All in a CK technitions rucksack


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Not much choice on the voting section! lol

NWS cutters/pliers etc
Megger MFT
Erbauer combi drill/angle grinder
DeWalt rotary stop SDS
Irwin for cutting blades/drillbits
Stanley FatMax for Hammer, tape measure etc


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Knipex snips basic range i.e. blue and red ( dont buy the sexy looking chunky handle vde ones they go blunt!)

Britool insulated drivers
bahco wrench ( industry standard for a reason)
Megger tester
martindale volage indicator (old faithfu:)l)
Hilti power tools only

buy the best you can afford it will pay back in the long run
knipex and nws snips
vera drivers
makita drills
stabila levels
stanley tape, junior hacksaw, normal hacksaw
bosch laser level
selection of snap on spanners
diamond core drill set

think thats about it


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Fluke DMM
CK screwys
Britool snips
Bahco shifters and hacksaw
Carolus ratchet spanners
Beta pipegrips/glandpliers
Teng t-bar hex keys
Jokari stripper
Roughneck persuader / prybars
Facom punches
Pressmaster crimpers/ferrule pliers


Knipex cobra water pump pliers
CK cutters,pliers,long nose,strippers
Irazola screwdrivers
Silverline insulated junior hacksaw
Irwin knife
Fluke test probes
Stanley boat level
Bosch Li-ion screwdriver:D


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i use bahco snips ive never had any problems and they are as sharp as the day i got them about 2 years ago
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