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Hello again.
Been away for some time, but am I wrong again?
I have to go for a meeting regarding another electricians periodic inspection, or whatever it's called now, and I just don't agree with his coding. The site is an office block.
All the following are code 2's according to him.
1. No supplementary earth (sic) bonding in kitchen, toilets and on water heater.
2. No rubber mats in mains intake room.
3. The need to carry out a maximum demand test to ascertain if a new main switch is required
The list also states that a radial circuit needs further investigation (code 2)
This is from an NICEIC company. I know what I think, but can I have some opinion from your good selves
Thankyou all in advance
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Well, I'll stick my neck out here.
For an EICR, code C2 is "Potentially dangerous - urgent remedial action required".

1. No code. Supplementary bonding not required unless bath or shower in room.

2. No code (unless anyone's aware of a reg that covers this?).

3. No code. But maybe advise a test if there are signs of overloading.

Happy to be corrected!
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tony mc

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I agree with Handy sparks re this.

I would also want to see the codes attached to the schedules on the EICR ie item 6.4 re supplementary bonding which also gives you the regs.

I wonder why he did't calculate the max demand and advice accordingly!!

Rubber mats must be in ammendment 2 .
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