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Discuss What fire alarm courses help needed please in the Security Alarms, Door Entry and CCTV (Public) area at

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hello all,

I am trying to compile a list of good fire alarm training courses and hope you guys will share your views please.

So what fire alarm training have you done, does it have a exam to pass or do you just get a certificate anyway.
Also any thoughts good or bad please (please keep it constructive).

Thank you in advance
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The Ghost

FIA/BAFE are the de facto sets of courses. Having said that what is not made clear on any of the courses available is that you have to purchase about five of the BS books as £250 each as whatever certificate you get it will mean nothing without the BS books. So thats another 1k ish on top of your course. I did the NAPIT course and I must say it shoe horned me into Fire alarms, emergency lighting design, inspection, commissioning and certification amazingly well. Then I had to buy the books! It is very straight forward in essence as the BS books contain in a very accessible form all you need to conform to standards.


The FIA course is the only qualification. All the others are attendance CPDs.
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Tavcom, do a level 3 qualification, also IFEDA and the British Fire Consortium with be doing a Level 3 from July.

But not what I was hoping for, looking at comments on the various courses and what everyone thought of them.
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