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hi sparks

as i hope to be doing my compex soon i was wondering what the actual practical side involves?

i imagine its basically making glands off correctly and using suitable enclosures?

i also imagine the glands to be like 'potting' a MIMS gland?

please inform.

many thanks


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sorry mate what is compex, and what is MIMS do you mean MICC otherwise known as pyro?

lee mcgregor

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are you there the full week course or just a refresher?????? if your there the full week you do 3.5 days in class room and rest in booths practical involves making off glands ,both basic glands and icg glands i think there called that (the one's with the two part compound) and a little bit of earthing and testing nothing to worry about , also in booths you connect up zenner barriers thats about it from what i can remember hope this helps . teacher is very helpful and bearing in mind theres people in classroom that can hardly speak english and they stll pas so im sure youll be fine.


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yes it will be the full week course.

i thought it would have been along those lines, im looking forward to doing it and anyone who i have spoken to about the course basically said that they wont let you leave without passing the course and its not to much to worry about.

yes hilly MIMS - mineral insulated metal sheathed otherwise known as pyro


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Hi guys,
Ive been thinking of doing a Compex Cert, fancy something different and a bit more cash. My problem is all that ive done for the past 20 years is new-build and testsing and inspecting for a housing association. Got my 236-1 +2,2392,2391 NVQ3, PAT Testing. Do you think that i have enough to get a start or would i just be waisting my money, no experiance ?


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the practical side is making glands off one barrier gland and the rest is testing the rig, visual, close detailed.
One of the pratical components of the course was to install the cabling for the control circuit of an emergency stop button, which comprised of a normally closed interlock switch and a 240v contactor.This was already made up for you on a rig with containment etc, it was very basic, using 1.5mm singles cable, you had to ensure that all the connections were number labelled to correspond ie; coil A1 feed from stop button equalled No1 tag and so on.Then before it could be powered up you had to do a installlation test; resistance.continuity ect, then make out a completion certifcate with all the usual details, similar to NICEIC. Your job was checked and tested by the course tutor. By the way this particular CompEX assessment was for petrol filling stations EX07 & EX08
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Reply to what is practical side of compeX in the Electrical Forum area at ElectriciansForums.net

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