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As the title says , why did you do it ? What ever were you thinking !:rolleyes2:

I got into it after my old man said i needed a trade when i finished school , and the family farm was not big enough for both me and my older brother to work on together !
He wanted me to be a pipe jockey but after trying to fix a broken video recorder it was changed to a sparky (I never did manage to put that bloody thing back together again !!!).:hammer:


simple !was offered YTS when i left school plumber or bricky £27 a week ,my dad came home and his firm offered me £42 a week as a apprentice spark! here i am 25 years later a millionaire!!!!!!!!


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Was 26 yrs old and flicking through the college website when I saw the course. I've always been interested in wiring lights so I thought y not..... 2 1/2 yrs on and it was the best thing I've ever done. I seem to just get it


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Plumbing and Carpentry I learned from my father to an acceptable DIY standard so Electrics seemed the natural course for a practical young chap.

pipe jockey, hmmm...

# Aaannndd its 'Waterflow' being held back by 'Ballcock' in an increasingly pressurised race, 'Plunger' is pushing through as 'Airlock' is holding back, 'Bidet' is staying a the rear 'Check valve' rushes past the pack only to be beaten by 'Soldered Joint' sweating to the finish#


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done btec in construction, and thought have few options now, structural engineer was the one i liked, but we had ababy so didnt apply for full time course where electrical was 1 day per week and could still earn... aand i do like it most of time..


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I was working in a factory that made switchgear, after countless jobs in various factories scince leaving school and having seen the manufacturing industry go right down the sh***ter in this country i saw an ad in a local paper for a trainee electrician, went for an interview, they were offering me the same rate of pay i was currently on for being a trainee (£5 ph) and they were going to pay for me to go to college, and it would be nights so i didnt miss a days pay, and they payed for the hours i was actually at college, Bonza,!!! I started in Jan/feb on the provisio that if i cut it i would start college in sept, well suffice to say i never looked back, I was 26 at the time, 29 when i qualified, 35 now and wonder why i just didnt do something more simple with my career!!! lol


My Dad's a sparky, followed him around from as soon as I could walk so had a fairly long unofficial apprenticeship. Never bothered qualifying until recently (Used to 5WW route to get paper's - I don't mind being honest) Ideally would like to emmigrate with it but now we have a kiddie it might not be so easy to go.


I was always out in the cold and wet while the spark gave his orders out while in the dry, now i'm in the dry

The Ranger

TBH who knows

i fitted windows
qualified as a 360 digger operator at 17
then my old man who's a spark basically told me to sort it out and get a "proper trade" never looked back!


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Saw an electrician and thought this looks like an easy job, walking round with a pair of pliers and a screwdriver fixing things.

Big mistake - 38 years and loads of courses later still hard at it trying to make a living !


family talked me out of a mechanical apprenticeship, did a full time electrical lev 2 course for a year then started my apprenticeship at 18 started the course all over did lev 2 again before lev 3, then done 17th am2 and 2391 just took a chance tbh and luckilly love it, love the mindset ive always thought it takes a lot of common sense to be a spark and good problem solving skills which i like


I do what the voices in my head tell me.
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The voices in my head made me do it.
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