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im looking for a good tester thats not too bulky but still serves the purpose
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New or secondhand? What's you budget mate? What's your level of I&T experience?
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I use Fluke but that's mostly because it's what I was taught with and I had a very in depth testing guide to assist me in the early days.

The only draw back with the Fluke I use is sometimes you need to be an octopus to perform some test lol You get used to it though. Really simple to use:thumbsup

I purchased mine second hand for 300'ish quid.
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Bought a Metrel Easiplus MI 3000 18 mnths ago for about £350 - would recommend it, I am a new starter and find it easy to use..


Maybe if you told us what you wanted the tester to do we could advise a bit more specifically.


Can't go wrong with a Megger multifunction tester, I bought mine from test-meter.co.uk, they were the cheapest even before the forum member discount...

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