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Hi there,

I have this double switch installed in my conservatory. The switch on the left controls my external security light and the one on the right controls 3 spotlights on the wall inside the conservatory. The wire is partially chased into the wall before it goes into the trunking.

We never use these spotlights so wanted to take them down but one day hope to have a solid conservatory roof to replace the polycarbonate panels so would probably install spotlights flush in the ceiling and make use of this switch.

We are in the process of decorating this room so wondered if anybody had suggestions on what I could do with this in the meantime? Possible ideas I thought of..
  • I cut the wire, is there something I can cap the live wire ends with? and plaster it behind the wall until I need to use it in the future, maybe I need to put a plate on the wall?
  • Attach a socket to the wire that would just sit on top of the shelf
  • Disconnect it from the socket and plaster the cut cable behind the wall until it all needs re-attaching.
I know the other simplest solution is to just leave it as it is, the only reason I was thinking of getting rid of them is how the trunking looks pretty ugly and it was a temporary solution.



Me personally

I would just remove the cable from the switch all together and make good the plaster.

But if you still want the use of the cable just coil it up on the window ledge and pop something like a JB or wago box on the end

I do hope you have the correct tester to prove dead
here in the US the conductor would have to be in a jb with a cap and shrink tube (to keep the cap from working off) and while you could set the box into the wall you could not plaster over it. ( any jb needs to be accessible)
fire marshal or inspector can order disconnect if they suspect jb's are hidden

as buzzlightyear said get a spark to properly terminate or remove the conductors

i use wago's instead of wire-nuts (caps)
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