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Hi all!

I have completed upto C&G level 3, but just before i finished my course i was made redundant from my electrical job and there aren't many places round here taking on apprentices this minute. now i am not sure what courses or qualifications i need to take to become qualified.

I have had a read through the rest of this forum and i am still just as confused..

I am not sure who else to ask so i ended up here!!

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What qualifications do you have Joe? 16th, 17th, C&G2330, C&G2391 ?
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i have the 16th ed. C&G 2330 level 3

what qualifications do i need next?



I would certainly say you would need to do the 17th Edition Course next if you are looking to find further work as you will probably find all the jobs advertised will be asking for the latest qulaifications.

After all we are now working to the 17th Edition since it was introduced on the 1st July 2008.

Depending on what path you want to take, really depends on which course you would need to do. For example if you needed to get involved with Inspection & Testing then you would need to complete the C&G2391 course (although I do believe they have now introduce a step-to course towards this?) so that you are able to test any work you have done.

If you want to keep studying then you can take it as far as you would like to, but in the short term I would be cracking on the 17th Edition.

Hope this helps!



hi people, not been on since last year but thought this might be the place to look for answers!

i too have a where now situtation!

started working as a sparky 7 years ago and started 16th ed c&g 2330 (evenings) in 2005, finished the course last july. passed the exams fine and carried on working for the same firm. found myself out of work today so phoned direct.gov careers advice. nice lady told me that unless i did the NVQ 2356 then i'm not a qualified electrician?

looking on the jobcentre website there are qualified electrician jobs available (most say to 17th ed) but according to her i cant apply for them. she was suggesting certain jobs to go for even going down the route of general engineer for local council, premises manager or dare i say it handyman!

i'm hoping that somebody here can clear up in an idiot proof way exactly what is required to be fully qualified.

what do i need for installation, certification etc.... either working for a company or starting my own company?


thanks in advance

just working through this thread that i didn't spot before posting


hopefully answer in there but would still love the idiot proof explanation!

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