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Hi, this is my first posting on here, so here goes - My problem is, I'm a 47 year old time-served mechanical Maintenance Engineer living in Leeds who's been made redundant and I've found that most of the jobs advertised now want engineers with some electrical experience as well as mechanical, things have changed a lot and employers can pick & choose.

I cannot afford to take a lot of time out of work so to speak, I need to find a job as soon as possible, so I was wondering "which course/s shall I take?" I don't really have any ambitions to do domestic installations, just fault finding & qualifications to make you a multi-skilled engineer that's attractive to industrial employers.

I was thinking the City & Guilds 2392 to start with, but then I was told the Part 'P' full scope offers more, even though it's still domestic. Not being an electrician, I don't know which to choose. Can anyone tell me which is the best and most attractive to employers in industry?

I know I'll have to do the C&G 2382 17th Edition, and I was wondering how easy that is to home study, and if it is, which is the best method? Do you need to pay £450 for someone to show you how to pass the course, or can do it from learning the regs at home whilst unemployed? I have bought the NICEIC BS 7671: 2008 17th Edition Learning guide, but I'm fully aware it's going to maybe take more than that, but I'm led to believe that due to the 17th being mostly regulations, a mechanical engineer should be able to grasp the fundamentals of the requirements and pass the exam with lots of reading. Am I right in thinking that navigating the open book exam, and the quick reference book use is what makes the exam difficult, if so, where do you learn the exam protocol, would you have to do an Electra course with it's exam simulator?

My main aim is to pass the C&G 2391, because of the 3 phase testing aspect, but I understand that isn't an easy one. I'm thinking of doing that one at night school if I can get 2 others under my belt soon.

I am able to pay for the Part P, but after that, my funds are gone. All the Banks & other types of funding etc takes weeks to come through, that's if you get it, and then you've got wait to get on some courses and then do the course, I'm desperate to get back to work asap.

My ideal course would be a mechanical/ electrical crossover course that covers industrial machinery, fault finding in control panels, testing 3 phase motors & inverters, circuit testing, PLC's etc. But the only ones I've found are down south, so that's out of the question due to lodging costs.

Any help would be much appreciated - Thanks

Sorry about the long post lads.... :)
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