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right guys, i need a CU preferably metal enclosure, 15 way or there abouts with room for a contactor. ive just picked up a schneider 16way 1 from toolstation. its not metal which i knew, but im shocked at how pants it is. so its going back tomorrow. now in the past ive fit mk boards which are metal enclosure with a plastic lid. cant remember which range it is.

any help or better options guys?

and wheres cheapest place to buy them?
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Wylex Boards are good value for money. i do mainly Commercial & Industrial which i use Schnedier range (Merlin Gerin or Square D) so dont really know about their Domestic range.

But its personal preference
Regards Darren
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yeh ive always done commericial thats why i went for schneider but in my opinion its shockingly bad


My unpopular opinion is Contactum

They're a good price and well made (in country) in my opinion. I've not used a large metal one, but according to a tender loving care website they do a 16&20 way unit or double stacked flavour in 26 and 34.


The Schneider you have in Toolstation is rebranded Square D / Domae

Look for Merlin Gerin Schneider, you will need to go to a real wholesaler rather than Toolstation

I prefer Hager, but it's not cheap (for 3 phase / commercial)

Reply to which CU? in the Electrical Tools and Products area at ElectriciansForums.net

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