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Hey lads.

Just out of interest what make of DB is everyone using these days.

Personally I use Crabtree for domestics, and Merlin Gerin/Hager for the industrial side.

There are some bad ones out there.

Comments please.


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crabtree for domestics as well was using wylex mainly uptill oct but with a shortage of 40a rcbo's then 6a rcbo,s went over to crabtree.


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Anyone used Contactum? seem very good value, and RCBO'S are good value aswell.


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Eaton MEM (moulded plastic) for domestic and Eaton MEM for commercial - both easy to install.


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I use Hager for both commercial and domestic.

Great range of modules and easy to install and wire up!

Contactum are good but i do find them a little flimsy.

stuart john

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Tried a steeple board from denmans last week, Bit flimsey, customer wanted all rcbo really strugled to get them all in Had to trim front cover to get it back on. Wont be using one again cheers stu


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Volex. But I will say stay very clear of these as they are ****, we only use them because our company is tight so we have no choice. :D


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Sq D mainly, never seem to have any problems with them.


i find that the chint DB's for domestic ar good plenty of space inside and the RCBO's are priced ok and Sq D for the 3 phase

Scott F

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SQ D "Quickline II are a joy to work with quite pricey but then better quality usually is
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