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Hi all,

New here and this question has probably been posted a thousand times, but what I'm looking for if some advice on exactly which Training Courses and Exams are required for Domestic Installations as I will not be carrying out any commercial work.

I know there is a lot of opinions around how to qualify and how to train, but what I need is clarification on the exams required, the best training course for specific things especially around testing. I'll admit that I don't have the time to do a 2 or 3 year college course or evening classes and what I am really looking for is reputable training where they aren't just running a conveyor belt and want something where they aren't also just training you to pass the exams and ideally provide a lot of practical work rather than just giving you the answers to the exam questions.

So my background is that I have spent many years working with my father over the last few decades and remember I did my first full house rewire with him back in 1989 during the summer school holidays when my parents bought a large house that he gutted back to brick walls and renovated so have learnt a lot from him in the last 30 years, but now in his 70s he's given up and retired and has put his feet up in France.

Now, all this experience hasn't just been gained in the UK as for 5 or 6 years I lived in France and worked for my fathers company so as you can imagine there is a lot of differences in the way things are done, especially since everything has its own radial circuit and I mean everything, we've installed CUs with 60+ circuits on large barn conversions with rooms like a utility room having 7 circuits for washing machine, tumble dryer, boiler, sockets, lights, fridge and dish washer and in most installation there's no T+E cable it's all single stand run in conduit and regulations are very different with simple things like a radial circuit can only have 5 (I think) sockets on it.

Anyway, moving on, it seems that the following is the absolute basics I need, but I really want to find some really good training to get to know all the new regs, ensure that I'm 100% proficient in the testing etc.

I have to try and fit all this in while still making a living but am able to spare a couple of weeks for each part/module and then expand on that training through my own study, reading, asking questions of the pros here and just expanding the knowledge as I go. Where the works are out of my scope I still use a fully qualified contractor but want to be able to undertake some of the works my self and also be sure that I am up to speed on everything to be sure that the work being carried out by contractors on my customers sites is being done right, I'm not here to do this as a full time career but to be as proficient as possible along side all my other skills/trades.

So, I believe I would need as an absolute minimum:

1. C&G 4141-01 Domestic Installation
2. C&G Level 3 Certificate in the Building Regulations for Electrical Installations in Dwellings (2393-10)
3. City & Guilds 2382-18 18th Edition
4. C&G 2392-10 Inspection & Testing

Is this correct and where is the BEST place in your opinion to get the training for all of these?

Lastly, just to be sure I'm on the right track, I'm going to need a tester, something along the lines of the Fluke 1664? Recommendations on what you use what also be great.

I will also need to register with one of the Competent Persons Schemes like NICEIC, any advice on this and is NICEIC the best to be registered with or are some of you registered with the others, reasons/advice would be great? Also, what technical reference guides are required besides the BS7671 and what else do I need to prepare for around H&S etc?

Looking forward to the replies :hearnoevil:

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