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Hello all

Just like to say 'why didn't I do this earlier' - get into the electrician's trade that is ...

As some of you may know I am an 'older' student after spending many years sat behind a desk.

I have been doing home study for my C&G 2330 Level 2 and although I have nearly completed all the theory for this certificate (which I have really enjoyed) - I was yet to do any practical work.

Well that has changed this week and after 2 days I have been able to complete both a radial and ring circuit (albiet basic ones). I was apprehensive when I was driving to the training centre but it's amazing how useful good study is - and I have really enjoyed doing it!

I have even been able to help other students which has given me an even bigger confidence boost especially as I wondered whether I was cut out for it when my head was mashed by study.

Anyway thought I'd share this, I know there is along way to go yet but if these first two practical days are anything to go by I can't wait.

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Well done, if you enjoy your work thats half the battle:)


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Nothing wrong with being "older"......


Wait until you are crawling around in someones loft, under their floor, covered from head to foot in wall chasing dust, having to move their greasy cooker etc.
let the fun begin


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wait untill you get ya firs bolt, cant avoid live installs at some point ya gonna get one lol!!


Then there is the Stanley cuts scrapes cos of badly cut tie wraps and my personal favorite hunt the intermitent fault.


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Thanks guys Im a late joiner as well after reading your posts Im jumping out the window!!!!!!!!!!

Ground floor flat nothing happened:)



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Thanks for the 'advice' guys!!!

Nearly finished all the course now ... got my last 2 exams at the end of June and that's Level 3 boxed off.

17th Edition exam in July and I am STILL looking for some paid / unpaid work in the Manchester area ...

Goto be better than being stuck behind a desk!

Andy Smith

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From small acorns grow large oaktrees well done mate :) ;)


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Well done, proves an old dog CAN learn new tricks. Its a very diverse trade for sure and a very interesting one where you will always be learning throughout your career.
Watch out for shared neutrals though they will get you every time :eek::D;)


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Good move,

I am 50 this year and have re-qualified after 30 years doing non-electrical stuff, and you are right, much better than being stuck behind a desk.


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I'll be 54 by the time i qualify :eek:

just taking me along time to pass these exams ;)


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OK I'm predudiced! And I know I will raise the hackles of a few in here. I still believe the way in, is through a five year apprenticeship and not by short circuiting the system. I think that all the (Be a spark in 6 weeks (mostly academic) courses) and the like bring the whole system into disrepute. An apprenticeship gives you experience of the pitfalls and the dirty jobs and you don't finish your time about what a cushy number you have landed. Bed of roses it may be, but only because roses have thorns.
Office workers should be kept in offices and given a pile of paper to play with. They shouldn't be allowed to do anything that affects the world outside. Strangulation legislation and unworkable rules come from offices, not from the world of real people.
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