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Discuss Why I wont be here for a while...... in the Electrical Forum area at ElectriciansForums.net



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Hi Guys,

this is post that Rob put up on the thread "route to become an electrician" about one of my replies

Originally Posted by Rob
ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzz and on and on and on he goes....

Carry on the way your going Rednik, you are going about it the right way.

This is TC3's reply to that :

"well said

this guy is a forum troll. illusions of grandeur"

(Forum troll? what does that even mean?:confused:)

Someone else was posting yesterday as well saying "Shakey is good but he is not god"

Guys I will be honest, i dont know where all this has come from, but maybe they have a point

I post a lot on here, I have been here pretty much since the start.

Maybe i do come accross as pompus, arrogant, boring, whatever, I couldnt give a monkeys.

But the bottom line is, lots of people ask me questions directly, or esle people say "I am not sure, but Shakey will answer"

Well obviously the new guys object to that, maybe I am 'over exposed' on here.

Who cares. Well I cared enough last night to lie awake thinking about it, and quite frankly guys this is a forum where we discuss the size of bonding conductors, it should not be causing sleepless nights:cool:

There are some top guys on here: Cirrus, Easyfox, Mr Bane, Wayne, the mighty Rumrunner, Luke etc, and some of the news guys like Sparkyork and Montybabel are really throwing in some good stuff as well, but maybe there are some new guys who object to the 'old guard' being all over everything, well they are entitled to their opinion; it is an open forum

I have no doubt i will be accused of spitting my dummy out, or taking my ball home, but not at all chaps

These guys have just made me question the amount of time i spend on here; I certainly dont do it to have the doo doos flung at me

So, i have a few jobs to get on with, got a holiday booked, blah blah blah, I'll take a bit of time out, chill for a while, and see how it goes

See ya in a while guys, and hey, its been fun
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Hi Shakey

I have just read your thread and feel that I need to comment.

I am a relatively new member, as you know, and have tried to take an active part in the forum since I joined. I have read with interest the answers given and can honestly say that some of the answers have either helped me out or reminded me of things I should not have forgotten.

Like many others on the forum I have added a comment that "Shakey should be able to help you out" because of your obvious expertise and knowledge.

I may be a newcomer to the forum, but I am not to the industry, and so can recognise knowledgeable input.

I am sure that others will add to this thread and ask you to reconsider. If you do go off for a break make it a short one and come back refreshed.

Take it steady my friend. Enjoy a short break. May I suggest a gentle chill with a few pints of "Skull Attack".

Hope to see you back soon.



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There are some top guys on here: Cirrus, Easyfox, Mr Bane, Wayne, the mighty Rumrunner, Luke etc, and some of the news guys like Sparkyork and Montybabel are really throwing in some good stuff as well
Cheers Shakey :D:cool:.

Matey no forum is worth staying awake in bed & worrying about, especially if the worry is caused by what some halfwit posts :mad: and I use the term halfwit because if they took the time to view some of your posts, they would see how knowledgeable you are in various fields of the electrical industry.

Maybe i do come accross as pompus, arrogant, boring
Boring; dont think so always found your posts informative & very knowledgeable (helped me out with genny issues).

Arrrogant; anybody that posts could be taken as arrogant because you can't put any emotion into a post.

Pompus; Yes been called that myself, usualy by some space cadet that thinks they know better, but they actualy dont get what a forum is all about, & thats different people giving input into a disscusion on any particular topic (chineese parliment style more ideas = best options as a result).

So take no notice is my advice (the individuals involved are normaly lacking in the knowledge & braincell dept)

Anyway mate enjoy the break, stock the den fridge with some bow kick back & enjoy.

See ya.


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Well I hope I see your name on here soon, because your considerable knowledge and input will be sorely missed.

I dont suppose you will reconsider? some mixed opinions and different views are not always a bad thing but some threads went way too far and calling you a forum troll was so off the mark!!

Have a good break/holiday see you soon:)...please:cool:
i'll sort it out shakey! how long u on holiday for....

this TC3 guy sounbds like a little kid, i wouldn't worry about him, 12 posts hardly anything

rob does comment back nicely to you, maybe he were ****ed off at the time (maybe he'll appoligise???) here are some of the posts i've pulled up to prove.

"Re: Testing and Inspection- prices

Well said Shakey. 1 hour 30 minutes on a periodic is an utter p!$$ take. How anyone can complete a full periodic inspection report in that time is nonsence.

Re: nvq

So in your experience of teaching Shakey. What route would you recommend someone with no or little experience takes if his goal is to become a competent electrician?

Re: 2330 city and guilds papers

Shakey, why do these schemes charge their customers more money again to cover PIRs? I was under the impression that Periodic Inspection Reports are non notifiable so why cant a PIR be completed on... "

!!! If anyone has any problems about a certain member, contact me. rather than expressing your views online the forum, its not how the forum started up and most definately won't end up that way, continuing to throw personal views about someone will get you chucked !!!


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Shakey - Stand firm in my opinion. It would be a mistake to let actions (or words) of others dictate whether you post or how often you post.

Do you believe you provide a very valuable input to this forum?

Do others appreciate the help you often provide re interpretation or clarification of the regs, solutions to problems or advice in general?

I´m new to this forum but it´s quite clear you are appreciated by the majority.

So why let a minority influence you? If you do, then they will have "won" and others receive and appreciate the help you provide will "lose".

From what I can gather by those that have had a pop at you, it seems as if they feel you are condescending (or similar) in some way; from what I can tell you have a teachers manner or approach (given that you are one then it´s not surprising) which has nothing to do with putting yourself up on a pedestal or such like - it´s to do with pride and "getting it right" (and this is what I would say in your defence to your detractors).

So, don´t change the frequency or tone etc of your posts - the forum will be worse for it if you do.


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Well, I'll keep it short and sweet.

Shakey does post a lot, he is asked Q's directly rather often. I don't think I've seen him give a wrong answer yet.

Pretty sad if people are having a pop just cause he tends to be on here often and offering advice.

*Removes his head from Shakeys arse*

But, he's always been this way and that's why he's become such a RESPECTED and VALUED member of this community.


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Oh and I still havent forgotten about your kind offer of help with my HNC :)


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sorry to hear things getting to ya shakey:(enjoy ya break,maybe the ya mrs will find you some diy now you got more time on ya hands:eek:.


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for those that dont know; a forum troll is someone that deliberately post negative or inflammatory comments just to get a reaction .
ill be on hol soon in case you wondering ,
there's no need for personal insult


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This is sad, and I'm very sorry to hear this. I've contributed to various forums over the years, and I do know where you are coming from on this.

I'd say that your input is invaluable, and clearly you have a lot of people who are very supportive of you here. I hope you take a break, and come back refreshd. Hopefully things will look better in a short while and the powers that be will have dealt with the offenders (harshly!!!).


sorry to hear all this shakey, i for one dont agree with the things people may say, its like any forum or open discussion, there are always gonna be people who know a lot more than others. a forum is usless without knowledgeable people who input regularly, it is in essense like going to school and your teacher not turning up. the kind of people that get bitchy are probably the ones that give there superiors lip at work, there puny egos cant take it, someone else been more knowledgable.

have a nice break me old fruit,



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With regard to the rest of your post - I don't like the tone or its implications so don't expect any discussion

just picked this post up from another forum and thought i would share sounds like someones got a rod up his


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Can I just say that anyone seriously flouting forum rules will be investigated and if found guilty - sanctions may be applied for the good of the forum

We all want to encourage active and diverse discussion but please be mindful and respectful of other members. There are members on here that have a wealth of experience and contribute to this forum immensly and as we have seen by the reactions in the thread - throwing insults around is not respectful or acceptable. Please do not attempt to cast aspertions on or, defame anybody's character as it will not be tolerated. There is nothing wrong with jovil banter but when it becomes personal it is playground behaviour and unacceptable.

I hope this makes the position clear from and Admin / Moderators position and that we have no repeat occurances.
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